Document management workflow

Automate document management workflow with M-Files

From research and proposals to contracts and invoices, documents are integral to every level of business operation. The way your organization manages document workflow can either accelerate timelines and business performance – or create bottlenecks that hinder productivity and competitiveness.

In many organizations, document management workflow is riddled with issues. From mishandling documents to problems with security and compliance, an ineffective workflow can jeopardize efficiency, customer relationships and business progress.

M-Files can help. With cloud-based document management software (DMS) that lets you automate and customize workflows, M-Files ensures that documents flow to the right person at the right time – as efficiently as possible.

Access the information you need instantly

From creation to disposal, see how M-Files provides a smarter way to manage documents, emails, and all your content.

The challenges of document management workflow

Document management workflow is the process of transferring information from one employee to another in different stages of a business process. During each step of the workflow, a document may need to be created, edited, reviewed, commented on, verified for accuracy, approved or signed.

Unfortunately, when handled manually, document workflows are often compromised by several serious issues.


Human error often results in the inability to find documents, incorrect information being duplicated on multiple documents or documents that don’t follow the correct workflow.

Versioning issues

When workers collaborate by emailing documents back and forth, the result is multiple copies of a document that are attached to long, cumbersome email threads. In these situations, it’s difficult to have certainty that the right person has the right version in the end.

Unsuccessful searches

Knowledge workers may spend up to 30% of their day searching for documents they need to execute a specific workflow1.

Lack of remote access

As workforces become more mobile and as more employees work from home, lack of remote access to documents can slow down workflows and limit productivity.

Manual approvals and signatures

Getting approvals and signatures in person on hard copies of documents is extraordinarily costly and time-consuming.

Security and compliance issues

With a growing number of employees using their own devices to execute workflows, documents and businesses are exposed to far more security issues and compliance problems.

M-Files streamlines document management workflow

M-Files is an AI-powered intelligent information management solution that makes it possible to deliver the right information to the right people – right when they need it. In contrast to traditional enterprise document management systems, M-Files overcomes information silos by unifying data and information throughout the organization without altering existing systems or processes. Rather than requiring documents to be moved in an expensive and costly migration to a centralized location, M-Files uses AI to identify and connect documents on a broad array of systems, repositories, locations and devices. Metadata tags provide context that makes it easy to find documents when you need them.

M-Files’ metadata tags also make it easy to automate document management workflow and enhance business process management (BPM). Metadata guides a document through each stage of a workflow and is automatically updated as it moves from being drafted to edited, reviewed, commented on, approved or signed.

M-Files Workflow engine is a simple application that lets you easily create your own workflows based on custom business processes. M-Files workflows can create assignments for colleagues, follow up automatically, issue reminders and ensure that each stage of the workflow is executed according to company guidelines or regulatory requirements.


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Benefits of document management workflow automation

With M-Files’ document management tools and BPM software, the benefits of automated document workflows are profound.

Eliminate human error

Workflow automation ensures that routine business processes are executed consistently and accurately every time.

Ensure regulatory compliance

For document management workflows that are subject to regulatory requirements, M-Files automatically issues a full audit trail of the approval process. M-Files also features electronic signature capabilities to comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and other regulatory mandates.

Configure workflows to your needs

M-Files provides built-in metadata assignment properties such as "assigned to," "assignment description," "monitored by," "deadline" and "task completed." But these metadata attributes can easily be configured to meet the needs of a specific workflow or task.

Simplify workflow communication

The participants within specific workflows are notified via email at each stage of any workflows they’re part of.

Enjoy mobile capabilities

For remote employees and workers on the go, the M-Files mobile app makes it easy to monitor and execute workflows on mobile devices. The M-Files app also supports electronic signatures, enabling employees who work remotely to get approvals more efficiently.

Features that enable digital business processes

M-Files DMS software is loaded with features that enable companies to eliminate inefficiencies in document workflow management while saving resources and preparing the businesses to scale.

Support for the paperless workplace

M-Files’ document scanning technology converts paper documents into digital files that can be stored, searched, organized, managed and retrieved quickly, easily and reliably.

Eliminate human errors, typos, and mistakes

M-Files captures information from other systems such as order numbers and customer details and completes metadata for documents before pushing them through their processes and workflows.

Automatic notifications

M-Files can automatically deliver notifications based on specific events such as expiration dates and deadlines. M-Files will also assign tasks to team members when their input is needed.

Protect documents from unauthorized access

M-Files’ dynamic permissions let you control who accesses documents and information at every stage of a workflow.

The right workflow for each document

When a new document is created, M-Files tags it based on its content so it can immediately enter the right workflow.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why choose M-Files?

M-Files offers a next-generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping workers find and use information more effectively. M-Files breaks down data silos while leaving documents in whatever location they’ve been saved – from network folders and filesharing services to SharePoint, ECM systems, CRM platforms and other business applications and repositories. Workers no longer need to know where documents are stored – they can simply search on what they’re looking for and M-Files will connect them with the right document in just a few clicks.

By making information easier to find, share and protect, M-Files increases the productivity of knowledge workers, delivers a seamless digital experience, enhances collaboration and reduces business risk. It’s no wonder that M-Files is the choice of thousands of companies in more than 100 countries across the globe.