Risk management solutions

Risk management solutions must protect documents

Information is vital to every organization today, but it also represents no small amount of risk. Much of a company’s most sensitive information is contained in documents that workers must store, process, manage, and share every day. As cyberattacks continue to proliferate and grow more sophisticated, businesses need powerful risk management solutions for documents that can help to minimize the risk from external and internal threats as well as mismanagement of valuable documents and sensitive data.

M-Files can help. As a next-generation intelligent information management platform, M-Files provides AI-enabled document control technology that can makes it easier to manage documents effectively, ensure compliance with policy and regulations, and keep sensitive information in documents safe and controlled.

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From creation to disposal, see how M-Files provides a smarter way to manage documents, emails, and all your content.

Three keys to minimizing risk by improving document security

When considering risk management solutions, companies must choose technology that can help to manage three critical tasks related to document security.

Ensuring visibility

It’s hard for an organization to protect the information under its control if it doesn’t know exactly what it has, where it is, who’s using it, and what risk it represents. Many companies are still hindered by segregated systems that create informational data silos with limited visibility. When it comes to documents, risk management solutions must provide clear visibility into all the data and documents within an IT environment.

Maintaining control

The ability to control how workers access and utilize information is essential in any risk management solution. On a daily basis, workers create, share, process, store, and manage countless documents, many of which contain sensitive information. Enterprise risk management solutions can help by maintaining control over how documents are created, stored, archived, and managed throughout their lifecycles. Controlling who has access to which documents is essential, as is the ability to trace how documents were accessed, changed, and managed.

Preserving flexibility

As industries and markets continually evolve, organizations need risk management solutions with built-in flexibility. The right technology should easily adjust permissions and information access when personnel changes or new regulations are introduced.

Minimize risk with M-Files

M-Files provides a platform that can simultaneously serve as an enterprise content management system, a compliance management solution and document control software. Delivering visibility, control, and flexibility, M-Files has all capabilities required in a superior risk management solution for documents.

M-Files ensures greater visibility of content by taking a different approach to the way documents are stored and organized. Rather than requiring a costly data migration to a central repository, M-Files creates connections to documents wherever they exist in the organization – in SharePoint, on network folders, in CRM systems, in file-sharing services, or in other business applications, platforms, and systems. M-Files’ AI-enabled technology automatically analyzes any file and tags it with metadata that describes what it is, who created it, and the workflow that it’s part of. By organizing files based on metadata – rather than on locations within a traditional folder system – M-Files makes it easy for workers to connect with their data in seconds, since they no longer need to remember where a document is stored or how it is named.

As a result, M-Files delivers a unified view of all documents within an organization. Automated workflows provide greater control and efficiency, while M-Files’ metadata-driven approach offers remarkable flexibility to originate and store files in any system and IT environment without creating data silos.


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M-Files’ risk management solutions

M-Files helps to minimize risk related to documents in multiple ways.

Compliance control

M-Files ensures compliance with company guidelines and regulatory requirements by relying on automated workflows. These reduce human error and ensure that each document is handled accurately, securely, and properly. M-Files’ capabilities for managing workflows makes it an especially valuable solution for legal document management.

Fast and effective search and retrieval

Documents deliver the operational oversight that companies need to better determine and manage risk. M-Files makes it easy for workers to find any document in seconds – they simply need to type in a few words about what they’re looking for in the M-Files search bar, and the documents they need are just a few clicks away.

A view of all content

It’s hard to protect content or judge the risk of documents that you are unaware of or can’t see. By providing full visibility into all content and documents throughout an organization, M-Files makes it easier to know where the risks are and to take steps to manage risk more effectively.

Easy version control

When employees collaborate by emailing multiple versions of a document back and forth, it can be hard to know which version is the correct and most recent document. Failure to use the most up-to-date document can result in costly mistakes. M-Files eliminates this problem by storing one authoritative copy of each document that users and collaborators can access via a link. Multiple authors can edit the document at the same time, and M-Files keeps a history of all the changes made so that the document can roll back to an earlier version when needed.

How M-Files keeps your documents secure

Security is a major component of risk management solutions for documents. M-Files provides document security systems with enterprise-grade features that keep documents safe and controlled. Each document is protected by encryption when in transit and at rest. Metadata-driven permissions control who can access, read, edit, delete, or change a document based on the type of file and certain metadata properties. Permissions can adjust automatically as employees leave the company or change positions. And an automatic audit trail keeps a constant record of when documents are edited and who has made the changes.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

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Why choose M-Files solutions for risk management?

M-Files provides an intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by making information easier to find and use effectively. With M-Files, organizations can increase the productivity of their knowledge workers, enhance collaboration, ensure business continuity, and deliver a seamless digital experience while reducing business risk.

M-Files integrates easily with existing technologies, ensuring that content and documents in any system can be easily discovered and accessed. M-Files also lets workers use their familiar tools like Microsoft Teams, or Google Workspace to access their documents using M-Files technology. As a highly configurable platform, M-Files can be easily customized to meet the needs of specific use cases. And solution templates and third-party add-ins help companies to increase the value of their M-Files deployments by adding additional capabilities and jumpstarting information management initiatives.

Today, thousands of companies in more than 100 countries around the world trust M-Files to help manage business information more effectively.