Hubshare data rooms – Manage your sharing needs

Share large amounts of data securely and efficiently

The advantages of a data room, gathered in a single interface

Centralize large volumes of data in one secure portal. Choose to maintain your data room or just use it as a temporary hub until a deal is complete. Hubshare’s data rooms will help you meet tight deadlines and avoid expensive alternatives.

Document exchange

Centralize all your information on your dashboard, to share it with your users and clients. Distribute confidential data to your clients, partners, and buyers in a secure and easy-to-use interface.

Large file transfer

Exchange bulk documents with internal and external users in a hub or via our Outlook connector, perfectly integrated with email to secure your communication and attachment transfers.

Cater to your client’s needs

Hubshare data rooms can be customized to fit the needs of you and your clients, including secure document sharing, optimal mass downloads, and access and user rights administration.

Add value with intelligent information management

Connect M-Files and Hubshare for an optimized collaboration experience. Using the power of M-Files intelligent information management at the back and Hubshare as the front end for collaboration, you ensure you are providing the best value for you and your clients.

No sync and share, no duplicates, wherever your data is stored – everything shared real-time in a digital workspace, with a single version of a document for you and your clients.

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See M-⁠Files in Action

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