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Agility, efficiency, and innovation are not just buzzwords in the ever-evolving landscape of business, but rather the pillars upon which successful enterprises stand. At M-Files, we want to help you focus on your core business objectives. That's why we provide a comprehensive M-Files Cloud service to seamlessly take care of all technical complexities, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—your business.

M-Files Cloud is a secure and scalable cloud-based deployment option for knowledge work automation. With M-Files Cloud, you can manage your documents and information without investing in local server infrastructure and maintenance.

99.899% uptime*

*Latest 365 days

294% ROI

24/7 Support

Why M-Files Cloud?

Here's why M-Files Cloud stands out:

User Interfaces

Term Definition
Scalability Easily scale your resources up or down based on your business needs. You only pay for what you use.
Accessibility Break free from the confines of a physical office. Access your data and applications anytime, anywhere. M-Files Cloud fosters collaboration among remote teams and enhances overall productivity.
Automatic Updates Stay on the cutting edge effortlessly. Enjoy the latest features, security patches, and improvements without the hassle of manual updates.
Cost Efficiency Eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs associated with on-premises solutions. Pay for a subscription model that suits your budget.
Data Security You can trust in our advanced security measures including data encryption, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards. Your organization's sensitive information is secure in M-Files Cloud.
Collaboration Bridge the geographical gap. Foster seamless collaboration among team members regardless of their physical location. Real-time document sharing and editing enhance teamwork.
24/7 Support We've got your back—around the clock. Receive continuous support from your SaaS provider. Any issues  are quickly resolved and downtime for your business operations is minimized.
Reliability You can rely on the service's robust infrastructure and high availability. M-Files Cloud reduces the risk of disruptions and ensures consistent service for your business-critical applications.
Quick Implementation Embrace agility. Rapidly deploy new applications and services without the lengthy installation processes associated with traditional on-premises software.
Customization Make it yours. Customize M-Files Cloud to fit your specific business needs with the flexibility to add or remove features as your requirements evolve.


M-Files Cloud Service



M-Files Cloud offers a flexible and transparent pricing model that scales with your usage. You only pay for the number of user licenses and the amount of storage you need, leveraging efficient cost control for your business.

Industry-leading cloud platform technologies provided by Microsoft Azure allow M-Files Cloud to automatically scale the resources needed to handle your workload. Whether you have a few users or thousands, M-Files Cloud provides rapid and reliable performance for your document management tasks. You never have to worry about managing servers, storage, or updates—M-Files Cloud takes care of these tasks for you.

M-Files Cloud scales to support your business growth and expansion. You can easily add new users, departments, or locations to your M-Files Cloud service to collaborate on documents across different teams and regions.

Accessibility and Availability

With M-Files Cloud, you're not tied to location or device in order to perform critical tasks. M-Files Cloud enables you to access your documents anytime, anywhere. Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you have full access to your M-Files environment. You can use the web browser, desktop client, or mobile app to view, edit, and share your documents. You can also sync your documents offline and work on them without an Internet connection.

We ensure that your documents are always available and secure. All communications between your devices and M-Files Cloud are encrypted.

You can access your documents from different sources and systems. M-Files Cloud is integrated with your existing applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more. You can also connect M-Files Cloud to other cloud storage services, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, and more—allowing you can access all your documents from one place and avoid duplication and confusion.



M-Files Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Azure data centers are highly secured and designed to automatically endure hardware and infrastructure failures. Redundant infrastructure offers—for example—emergency power support, fire detection and suppression systems, video surveillance, dual Internet service providers, and more.

Data is automatically geo-replicated, and six copies of your data are always maintained. Your data is replicated three times within the primary region and three times within a secondary region hundreds of miles away from the primary region. Replication provides high-level durability in case of catastrophic failures.

Service Updates

With M-Files Cloud you don't have to care about updates. M-Files Cloud service is updated automatically, and you always have the latest release of M-Files products available.



With M-Files Cloud, your data is always safe. M-Files Cloud uses data encryption to protect your information from unauthorized access. Your data is secure both when it's stored in the cloud and when it's transferred over the Internet (data at rest and data in transit).

M-Files Cloud supports various identity providers (IdPs), such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google, and Okta. You can integrate M-Files Cloud with any IdP that supports the OAuth 2.0 protocol. You can simplify and streamline your login process and manage your users and permissions from one place.

M-Files has available additional services to enhance your cloud security even further.

Product Support

M-Files Cloud customers are eligible to receive M-Files Product Support that includes updates and other basic support elements without limitations, such as issue solving and troubleshooting. Product Support covers only technical issues, and is not provided for user help, guidance, training, consulting, implementation, or other similar purposes. These are available for a separate fee as agreed upon with M-Files and the customer under an applicable Statement of Work (SoW).

Learn more about the product support.

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Performance and Availability Monitoring

M-Files monitors the performance and availability of M-Files Cloud constantly to ensure high quality service, including corrective actions to detect irregularities in the service regardless of time of the day.
Continuous vault availability monitoring is provided for each M-Files Cloud vault to best ensure accessibility of the service. M-Files aims for at least 99.5% monthly availability.

Subscription Management

You can use M-Files Manage to control your M-Files subscription. M-Files Manage is a web-based, self-service portal customized for administrators to help get the most out of M-Files. Constantly improving, self-service capabilities minimizes time to value.

With M-Files Manage, M-Files administrators can set up users, user access, and user license management based on Microsoft Entra ID user groups. With the M-Files Manage online shop, you can also purchase user licenses. Other self-service capabilities include the creation of new M-Files cloud vaults and monitoring of vault usage through M-Files Cloud analytics.


Additional Services

Premium Backup

M-Files Cloud offers backups as part of the default service. If you require more from your backups, we offer the Premium Backup service, which allows customers to download offsite copies of their data hosted in the M-Files Cloud.

Isolated Environment

By default, customer data in M-Files Cloud is isolated on multiple levels. However, some M-Files capabilities require an even higher level of isolation. For that purpose, we offer isolated services—a dedicated, containerized environment reserved for the customer's M-Files subscription.

Custom Upgrade Schedule

Custom Upgrade Schedule (CUS) allows you to control the M-Files product update cycle outside the usual monthly release. We offer specific, stable M-Files versions for long-term support (LTS) to minimize changes to your cloud environment. You will still receive critical security updates, but any functional updates for M-Files product are scheduled separately.

Enhanced Security Monitoring

Enhanced security monitoring implements advanced incident monitoring for M-Files Cloud using Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel.

Cloud-native solutions provide the following services:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)
  • Intelligent security analytics
  • Threat intelligence

M-Files uses enhanced security monitoring to analyze any security incidents and to ensure integrity and security of your data.

Compliance and Certifications

M-Files maintains an ISO and SOC certified Quality and Information Security Management System to provide you with a secure and high-quality service and always takes a legal and ethical approach to all business practices.

Our cloud operations have been certified for the ISO 27001:2013 standard and our quality system adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Additionally, M-Files has been certified for SOC2. You can find full list of M-Files Certifications here

M-Files and Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)

M-Files Cloud is eligible for Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC/CtC). When you invest in M-Files Cloud service through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the capacity costs of the service are considered in your MACC contract.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure consumption commitment benefits here.

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See M-⁠Files in Action

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to learn more about simplified search, automatic workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and built-⁠in integrations with existing applications and file systems.

See M-⁠Files in Action

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to learn more about simplified search, automatic workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and built-⁠in integrations with existing applications and file systems.