M-Files Cloud

Secure and scalable cloud-based intelligent information management

Manage your documents and information without investing in local server infrastructure and maintenance.

Standardized, yet flexible

M-Files is an elastic cloud service that can be expanded to meet your needs today and in the future without significant upfront investment to the infrastructure.

Reliable cloud service

M-Files cloud instances are managed by our professional cloud operations team 24/7. Our cloud operations have been certified for the ISO 27001:2013 standard and our quality system adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Additionally, M-Files has been certified for SOC2.

Scalability with Azure Cloud

M-Files runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud taking the advantage of the highly scalable and reliable cloud platform and geographically-distributed data centers to provide fast service in all continents.

M-Files Cloud delivers scalability without the requirement to purchase new, expensive hardware. In addition, M-Files Cloud is designed to respond to your future content management challenges. As a cloud customer, you don’t need to predict future resource or hardware requirements. The server environment includes all the software and hardware that you need, and the required licenses, like database and server operating system licenses, are covered by the service.

Security for the highest demands

M-Files offers several active security measures within the platform and infrastructure. Additionally, the data is always encrypted at rest and in transit. You can also enable several additional security measures in M-Files, like multi-factor authentication and dedicated network connections.


A cloud environment needs to have a standardized hosting environment to be efficient and secure. Yet, different companies have different needs. With M-Files, you can customize your vaults according to your business requirements, while enjoying the benefits of modern cloud platform technology.

Self-service capabilities

Manage your own cloud instead of sending tickets or requests to Cloud Operations.

Manage your Cloud instances

The Subscription Management Portal allows easy administration of user accounts and other subscription details.

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