Combine Daily Document Management in SharePoint with Intelligent Information Management

In a previous post “Digitalizing your Enterprise with Digital Workplace and Digital Business Solutions” I wrote a bit about connecting business data with content, and about managing daily information in one view.

For a while already, M-Files has been back-end neutral, meaning that you could, when you wanted, manage your information in M-Files regardless of where it resides. Whether it was in M-Files itself, SharePoint, network folders, or other systems or repositories, you could find, access and manage all your information through the M-Files user interface.

Now, we have taken the next step.

M-Files introduces M-Files for SharePoint Online

Now, in February, we are introducing two new integrations that will help us take the next step and start our journey towards embedding M-Files in other systems enabling you to leverage the power of M-Files while working in a familiar interface.

What this means is that you can now use a Microsoft Office 365 or a Salesforce CRM view to find, access and manage related content in other systems and repositories.

Breaking down the silos in separate applications, systems and repositories will support your end-to-end automation. That, in turn, helps you improve customer experience and accelerate digital business transformation.

Are you facing common problems with documents?

  • Struggling to find relevant information from different systems and repositories?
  • Struggling to manage user and access rights based on folders?
  • Are all your critical documents approved and trained to employees in compliance with regulations?
  • Ever miss a deadline for a task?
  • Need to find all data related to a certain project, stored in several different systems, folders and repositories?
  • Need to keep an audit trail of documents and workflows?

If you’ve been victim to these challenges, have you ever wondered if there is a way to automate some or all of this?

Why M-Files with Office 365?

Do you spend your time in Office 365, creating content and collaborating?

M-Files for SharePoint Online offers customers the ability to access documents and information stored in M-Files directly from the SharePoint Online UI.

Combining M-Files intelligent information management and Microsoft Office 365 to improve your digital business workflows is an effective way to achieve new benefits and decrease compliance risk. Utilizing artificial intelligence to automate manual, document-related tasks helps reduce manual work and avoid human errors.

Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent tool for daily document work and collaboration, but there are some challenges. One of the strengths of M-Files is managed version control which allows you to collaborate easily with your familiar Microsoft tools while keeping track of audit trails and improving compliance. Another strength is the ability to automate workflows to support business processes and let employees focus on value-adding tasks. And it doesn’t hurt to be able to connect structured business data with content in the same view so that your customer data, and related documents are all available in the same view, for example.

To learn more, check out this short video, or read more about M-Files intelligent information management.

And what about Salesforce? Well, I’ll leave that for another post, so stay tuned.