M-⁠Files for Adobe Acrobat Sign

End-⁠to-⁠End document management automation with integrated electronic signature capabilities that surpasses the highest global standards.

Seamless Integration that Supercharges Your Business

All-⁠in-⁠One Platform

Combine best-⁠in-⁠class electronic and digital signing capabilities with metadata-⁠driven document management. Adobe Acrobat Sign integrates seamlessly with the M-⁠Files workflow engine.

E-⁠Signatures Made Simple

Deploy the best of both worlds in one single platform and receive real-⁠⁠time signature process updates between M-⁠⁠Files and Adobe Acrobat Sign with our webhook technology.

Streamline Your Processes

Standardize and streamline how you collect digital or electronic signatures. Documents that are managed in M-⁠Files can be sent for a secure and legally binding e-⁠signature using the Adobe Acrobat Sign cloud service.

M-⁠Files for Adobe Acrobat Sign E-⁠Signature Package (Add-⁠On)


With this add-⁠on integration you have the option to purchase an e-⁠signature package from M-⁠Files directly and enable the Adobe Certified Integration without a separate e-⁠signature service contract and deployment from Adobe Acrobat Sign.

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See M-⁠Files in Action

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