How AI can support compliance

  Artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing the way we conduct business. How can we use it to have a particularly significant impact within the accounting industry? While AI is mainly used to combat time pressure and capacity issues, it can also help firms adapt in an evolving regulatory environment. Courtney Kunzig, Industry Solutions Manager, Accounting,…

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How Client Information Management can help win your firm more business

How client information

Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi is credited with coining the iconic blurb “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” While Lombardi may not have been the first one to say it, the message nevertheless resonates with professional services firms from accountancies to financial services to consultants—winning new clients (and retaining current ones) is everything. In order to win, professional services companies…

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Collaborate, Increase Productivity & Efficiency in a World of Content Chaos

The financial services industry is constantly facing challenges related to managing large volumes of content while maintaining efficiency, collaboration, and security. A recent study has shown that up to 60-⁠70% of time is spent on non-⁠advisory activities. Join us to learn how you can give your advisors more time to advise by achieving these goals.…

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