Structured data and automation essential to address escalating global risks, says Yohan Lobo, M-Files

InsurTech Magazine
Yohan Lobo

"To adapt to a heightened threat landscape, insurers must consider how their information is organised, and whether this allows them to quickly react to market changes," says Yohan Lobo, Industry Solutions Manager, Financial Services, M-Files.

As the insurance industry acts as a financial safety net for individuals, companies or institutions impacted by an increasingly complex range of circumstances, it must embrace structured data and automation to address risk and react to market shocks.

However, as instability increases, it becomes more difficult for insurers to manage risk and forecast, process and assess claims.

Yohan Lobo, M-Files, spoke to InsurTech Digital about how insurers can counteract the growing frequency of market shocks by better structuring their data and embracing AI and automation. Read the full interview here: Data structuring and automation | InsurTech Magazine | InsurTech Magazine (