Business process automation

Optimize outcomes with business process automation

Business process automation uses technology to automate repeatable, complex methods. By automatically executing a series of tasks, business process automation can improve efficiency, ensure compliance, standardize practices and increase customer satisfaction.

Identifying and automating corporate procedures requires superior business process management technology. With the right BPM software, firms can easily adopt workflow automation for many routine but critical tasks. This can eliminate error-prone activities while freeing teams to focus on areas requiring attention and a human touch.

M-Files, an intelligent information management platform, automates document workflows and other business processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. With M-Files, executives can better support how their companies handle data, ensure quality and promote consistent levels of service throughout their organizations.

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The impact of business process automation

Business process automation can have a significant impact on almost every area of the company.

Human resources

When recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees, AI-enabled bots can handle much of the routine work to save thousands of dollars per employee per year. Bots can be trained to review thousands of resumes, searching for specific keywords to narrow the list of high-value candidates and schedule interviews. Automated workflows can handle much of the contracting and onboarding process, ensuring specific details and tasks are accomplished in compliance with company guidelines and regulatory frameworks. This automation frees up human resources employees to spend more one-on-one time with candidates and new hires.

Customer service

Providing an exceptional customer experience is a priority for businesses in all verticals. Chat bots can quickly and efficiently handle many interactions between a brand and its customers, delivering a faster and more efficient experience in everything from paying bills to troubleshooting issues. This kind of automation can free customer service agents to spend more time on the types of interactions that require human intervention and need immediate attention.

Financial management

Business process automation technology combined with the right document management solution (DMS) can handle many routine financial matters, such as reconciling accounts, creating journal entries, preparing financial statements and sending out invoices. Financial managers can spend more time on forward-thinking jobs that better position firms for success.

M-Files: a smarter way to automate processes

M-Files is a next-generation platform for intelligently managing all kinds of information within a business. Combining DMS software, business process automation and enterprise-grade security, M-Files helps workers to find and use data more effectively and businesses to automate document-intensive processes.

To make documents and information available throughout the organization, M-Files uses AI-powered technology to search for, find, analyze and tag them across every platform and repository. Rather than moving records to a central repository – a time-consuming, costly, and risky process – M-Files creates connections to them and presents administrators with a unified view of all content in the organization. M-Files makes a given document easy to find by tagging it with metadata that describes the purpose, people, content and deadlines associated with it. Users don’t need to know where that record is stored. They can search for what they’re looking for and get connected to it in seconds.

M-Files also provides technology that automates workflows and document-intensive practices to support business process automation. Organizations can create workflows in the M-Files Workflow engine, customizing them to suit their needs. M-Files makes it easy to set up workflows for documents, employees and projects and to automate processes like contract approvals, invoicing and content creation. M-Files automatically monitors every step of each process, issuing notifications and alerts to ensure that tasks are completed correctly and on time. Full visibility into every procedure and a complete audit trail of activities make it easy to ensure that corporate practices are in compliance with company guidelines and regulatory frameworks.

5 ways to strengthen client relationships by combining workflows with document management

See how M-Files can help streamline your organization with workflow automation.

Features designed for business process automation

M-Files provides all the tools you need to automate workflows and manage document lifecycles to increase efficiency and drive business performance.

A unified solution

M-Files consolidates multiple applications into a single platform that delivers powerful search features and information management capabilities across companies’ core technologies.

Automated workflows

M-Files uses the metadata in each document to guide the file through its workflow. As each task or stage is completed, the metadata updates and the file is transferred to the next person or process.

Automatic notifications

Employees can receive automatic notifications when they must perform a task related to an automated business process.

Flexible use

M-Files can be deployed in the cloud, on premises or as a hybrid solution that offers the best of both deployment scenarios.

Seamless integration

M-Files communicates easily with other systems and integrates tightly with existing ERP, CRM and other platforms so that information is connected throughout the organization.


While M-Files is a powerful and versatile platform, it is easy to operate and includes ready-made solution templates for a variety of common use cases.

Custom configuration

M-Files can easily be set up for the specific needs of your company.

Enterprise-grade security

M-Files protects documents with enterprise-grade encryption and dynamic permissions that control who has access to them based on their role and the records’ contents.

A use case: how M-Files supports contract management

The value of M-Files’ business process automation technology is apparent in the contracting process. While manually preparing, approving and executing signatures on contracts can be a time-consuming and tedious task that creates bottlenecks, M-Files can automate many steps to increase efficiency.

Using templates

By making sure that employees who prepare contracts have access to the most up-to-date templates, M-Files prevents teams from reinventing the wheel with every new agreement. The result is documents prepared with greater consistency to reduce the risk of error.

Version control of contract drafts

As contracts are negotiated and revised, M-Files automatically controls the versions to ensure that everyone is working and collaborating on the most recent and accurate document.

Review and approval

When contracts are ready to be reviewed and approved by decision makers, M-Files automatically assigns the tasks and communicates with the appropriate individuals. The documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on any device, helping to accelerate timelines.


M-Files supports a variety of eSignature applications that allow all parties to sign the contract using any mobile device. This expedited capability ensures that agreements are produced in a timelier way.

Enacting the contract

Once contracts are signed, the terms within them can be allocated to automatic workflows to ensure that every stipulation and agreement is assigned, monitored, tracked and completed on time and accurately.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why organizations love M-Files

M-Files is an intelligent information management platform that empowers the world’s leading knowledge-work businesses to drive performance and use information more effectively. Deployed in the cloud, on premises or as a hybrid solution, M-Files makes information easier to find, delivers powerful business process automation tools and keeps information secure and under control.

As a repository-neutral technology, M-Files integrates easily with other systems and provides a single view of information throughout the organization. By streamlining and automating tasks involved in handling information, M-Files enables customers to stop worrying about managing and protecting data, freeing them to focus instead on higher value tasks.

On M-Files, documents are accessible via any device, anytime from anywhere, supporting remote workforces and work-from-home employees. Today, thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries rely on M-Files to enhance business processes and improve information management.