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HR firm levels up with innovative document digitization solution


  • Digital personnel file automates manual tasks, freeing HR workers to focus on more high-value work
  • Employees save time and take control of data with self-service HR processes
  • Stringent personnel compliance and auditing rules automated and secured

Use Case

Function - HR / P&C
Compliance Management
Process Management
Workflow Automation


Human Resource Consulting



Company Introduction

Germany-based HUMANEXX is a medium-sized consulting firm with a focus on human-resources consulting and transformation management, especially within the automotive, industrial goods, and plant-engineering sectors.

The company acts as an external personnel consultancy for several companies, processing a variety of vital documents that must be managed securely and be easily searchable within seconds.

To bring digital transformation to its document-management processes, HUMANEXX turned to Hanselmann & Compagnie, an M-Files partner, to develop a new solution for the digital management of personnel records using the M-Files knowledge work automation platform.

Key Challenges Before M-Files

In order to scale up productivity and free employees from clunky document searches and wasteful manual tasks, HUMANEXX needed a knowledge work automation platform that would maintain the look and feel of a classically structured filing system and offer flexible and customized document views for ease of use.

In addition, HUMANEXX needed to ensure their employees were always working on the most up-to-date version of any given document to avoid information chaos. Template changes needed to be automatically distributed to steer clear of potentially costly errors.

Finally, since HUMANEXX processes private HR data, its document management needed to ensure strict compliance to EU Data Protection Regulations as well as German data-protection laws. The company's new system required automation of access rules as well as secure sharing protocols—externally and internally—to ensure compliance.

However, the company's previous document management system proved too rigid, with no opportunities to harness the power of metadata to simplify searches and maintain security and compliance.

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The M-Files Solution

HUMANEXX tasked M-Files partner Hanselmann & Compagnie with a game-changing goal: Move away from an IT-centric process for onboarding a new document management platform and focus on the needs of actual end users.

Hanselmann & Compagnie immediately identified the needs of HUMANEXX knowledge workers and deployed M-Files, creating a dedicated digital personnel file system that seamlessly onboards new employees, automates annual reviews, and empowers workers with an intuitive self-service portal, all while maintaining solid security and compliance.

"The digital personnel file based on M-Files ensures transparency in the processes - for example - when conducting employee reviews. It also gives us the good feeling that data and documents are protected in the best possible way at all times and that we can reliably meet data protection requirements," said Antonia Scherzer, HR Consultant at HUMANEXX.


M-Files helped HUMANEXX improve process efficiency and information accuracy with automated document workflows across all aspects of new-employee onboarding. Personnel managers get an instant, 360-degree view of every task and process as each new employee receives orientation while also maintaining strict access rights to personal, private data.

Annual reviews

With M-Files, managers can conduct seamless annual reviews with automated document template creation, workflow triggers for each step of the review process, and streamlined e-signing functionality ensures paperless compliance with internal and regulatory policies.

As needs change, review document templates can be changed across the board with automated version history, ensuring no data is lost. Managers are confident they're always working with the right documents and the right processes.

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"The digital personnel file based on M-Files ensures transparency in the processes - for example - when conducting employee reviews. It also gives us the good feeling that data and documents are protected in the best possible way at all times and that we can reliably meet data protection requirements."

Antonia Scherzer, HR Consultant, HUMANEXX

Eliminating Information Chaos

HUMANEXX knowledge workers using M-Files can save information by defining what the file is, rather than where it's stored, decreasing search times for specific documents.

Special views structure information according to employee, event, or customizable parameters, providing a familiar folder-like interface. All information has a built-in version history, and documents have duplicate detection when being saved to a vault. Users also receive notification alerts to open tasks, reducing time-consuming inquiries and reminders.

Self-Service Portal

Finally, HUMANEXX workers can access a self-service portal for routine requests, reducing the workload for human resource team members. Workers can change master data such as address, marital status, or contact information with automated approval by HR. External payroll offices such as tax consultants can be informed automatically by e-mail or individual data exchange.

The Results

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Today, HUMANEXX employees can handle many processes independently without involving HR consultants, enhancing both knowledge-work productivity and employee satisfaction. Formerly time-consuming follow-up processes are now carried out by automated notifications and reminders. Every minute saved by HR consultants can be used for higher-value tasks, for example in personnel development or recruiting.

Thanks to the power of metadata, HR consultants can also find relevant personnel documents quicker and be confident that the system contains all necessary information that is easily accessible to them.

Compliance with stringent data protection rules is no longer left to chance but is enforced by M-Files. All documents are classified, managed, and archived according to their class and associated metadata in compliance with strict rules. All access and transactions are securely documented and are instantly available for audits at any time.

"The flexibility of M-Files is reflected in the flexibility of the solution. As a result, the consultants from Hanselmann & Cie. were able to optimally involve us in the design of the processes and respond quickly to new ideas and change requests."

Antonia Scherzer, HR Consultant, HUMANEXX


Hanselmann & Compagnie

Hanselmann & Compagnie is a medium-sized, owner-managed management consultancy focused on entrepreneurial functions and dedicated industries.

In these functions, the company has a high level of methodological expertise and is positioned very close to the industry through experience, implemented projects and acquired mandates. As a partner of M-Files, Hanselmann & Cie. drives the digital transformation of its customers.




Why M-Files?

M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embedded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence. This enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance.