The Right Training for the Right People at the Right Time


M-⁠Files Training Solutions

Trainings customized to the needs of users led by M-Files trainer.
The M-Files trainers give trainings that meet the needs, from basic users to admin users.

Standard Training Solutions

M-Files standard training solutions outline different stages of the project, define users associated with each stage, and recommend suitable training at each stage. Customized training plans ensure quick and efficient user adoption across your organization. Learn more.

Design Essentials

Essentials teaches the project team the M-⁠Files mindset, terminology, best practices, and design principles.

The goal of the training is to get the understanding needed to make design decisions and drive a more productive design workshops.


User training includes all team members who use M-⁠Files in their daily routines.

The training helps users understand the M-⁠Files mindset and allows them to start using M-⁠Files immediately.

Super User

Super User training takes a deeper dive into M-⁠Files’ capabilities. Super Users learn more advanced functions beyond daily use, such as how to create views and department-⁠specific features.

Super Users are not necessarily internal M-⁠Files trainers. However, the training equips them to support other users.


Champion training enables participants to empower their team’s transition to M-⁠Files by offering a toolkit of user-⁠centric tips to help spread the M-⁠Files mindset and assist users in using M-⁠Files more quickly and more comfortably.

M-⁠Files Champions can include advocates with strong business-⁠process understanding, training and coaching ability, and empathy, coupled with the motivation to help users in need.

Business Administrator

The Business Administrator training path takes a look “under the M-⁠Files hood” into topics such as metadata structure, views, workflows, and permissions.

Business Administrators are usually business unit, stream, or process experts with a sufficient understanding of organizational needs and processes. While the modules help participants fine tune M-⁠Files to best suit organizational needs, participants do not need to be technically oriented.

IT Administrator

The IT Administrator training provides information on how to support and maintain the M-⁠Files environment by handling tasks such as user management or M-⁠Files software updates. This training is designed for users who are responsible for managing M-⁠Files system as a part of the organizations IT infrastructure.


As flexible “choose-⁠your-⁠own adventure” training solution, the Traction program offers an array of prescribed training modules to support other training actions and communication processes from design and “go-⁠live” to lifecycle support.

M-⁠Files Traction contains two modules from prescribed offerings in the Traction menu. Examples of training modules include:

  • M-⁠Files Info Session
  • M-⁠Files Tips and Tricks Session
  • Views Workshop
  • Drop-⁠in Support
  • Q/A or a Theme Session

Training Packages

Speed up project delivery, drive user adoption, and enhance lifecycle support. From design decisions to the day-to-day use of M-Files, each package combines standard offerings with a focus on specific audience needs. Learn more.

Engage your project team to accelerate time-⁠to-⁠value and ensure a smooth transition to M-⁠Files.

Engage package includes:

  • Design Essentials and User trainings for the Project Team
  • User training for User Acceptance Testers

Engage Plus package includes all trainings included in Engage package and Business Administrator training.

Enable your M-⁠Files Champions to drive change and promote user adoption.

  • Enable package includes User and Champion trainings for Champions
  • Enable Plus package includes all trainings included in Enable package and Super User Training

Empower your team with a combination of training modules focused on specific audience needs.

The training goals, delivery method, agenda, number of participants, and event duration are always optimized to guarantee good learning results.

Examples of training modules included in Empower package:

  • M-⁠Files Info Session
  • M-⁠Files Tips and Tricks
  • Views Workshop
  • Q/A or a Theme Session


  • Choose four training modules.

Empower Plus

  • Choose eight training modules.

Common Training

To help you get the most from M-⁠Files, we schedule commonly available training courses throughout the year. We offer the courses in English and Finnish.

Common trainings follow the Business Administrator training path that takes a look ‘under the M-⁠Files hood’ providing participants with knowledge to fine tune M-⁠Files to best suit organizational needs.

Available courses:

  • Managing the Metadata Structure
  • Definition and Use of Views
  • Managing Processes with Workflows
  • Managing Permissions

Seats fill up quickly, so check detailed agendas and available dates now. Learn More

M-Files Learning Solutions

M-Files Learning provides a fully scalable and self-paced learning experiences to help your users get the most out of M-Files.

It is a perfect standalone option for eager independent learners to complement regular training by offering extra support.

Learn More.

Empower Users

With 24/7 access to all M-⁠Files Learning courses and materials, users can learn what’s the most relevant for them at their own pace, no matter where they are.

Track user progress

With M-⁠Files Academy, you gain access not only to our course content, but also to user learning progress reports and analytics, providing helpful training insights.


A Perfect Complement to M-⁠Files Training

Self-⁠paced learning and face-⁠to-⁠face training really go hand in hand. M-⁠Files Learning helps users prepare and get the most out of their trainer-⁠led sessions. And it also helps reinforce and offer continual support long after the training ends.

M-⁠⁠Files Learning includes access to M-⁠⁠Files Academy and M-⁠Files Help Center.

M-⁠Files Academy

Access to M-⁠⁠Files Academy for strategic users—Administrators, Super Users, Champions, initial project team members, and end users.
M-⁠⁠Files Academy offers the following guided and interactive courses:

  • Design Essentials
  • User
  • Business Administrator
  • IT Administrator
  • Courses featuring new features and add-⁠⁠ons

M-⁠Files Help Center

M-⁠Files Help Center is the one-⁠stop-⁠shop for quick and easy answers about M-⁠Files, no matter if you’re just starting out or have been with us for a while.
The Help Center provides a path to key learning and support resources directly from within the M-⁠Files interface:

• Getting Started Guide
• M-⁠Files User Guides
• Customer Support Portal
• M-⁠Files Community
• And more..