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Charity Spotlight: Help Center for Ukrainians via MLL Uusimaa


At M-Files, we take pride in supporting missions and causes that are near and dear to our hearts. I firmly believe that dedicating time to enriching our communities not only betters the world but enables us to broaden our perspectives. One of those causes close to my heart is the Help Center for Ukrainians in Finland. The Help Center is supported via a partnership with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) Uusimaa, and the Ukrainian Association of Finland, with a mission to offer assistance for families, women, and children fleeing Ukraine.

Recently, M-Files had the honor of facilitating a €100,000 grant to MLL Uusimaa from our investor Bregal Milestone, in partnership with the COFRA Foundation. The funding for the grant was provided as a part of the Bregal Helps initiative (“BHI”), a $3 million initiative created to help Bregal portfolio companies like M-Files support local and vulnerable communities. Since its launch in 2020, the BHI has provided over 40 grants to charitable organizations across the globe. With this grant, MLL Uusimaa was able to support the Help Center, to provide the capital to assist Ukrainian arrivals in Finland. We are proud to share that the funds have been used to keep up the operations across three centers in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa – with plans to continue through 2023.

The Help Centers offer counseling, psychological support, emotional support, food and clothing assistance, and transportation services. The goal is to provide parents of families with children with trained volunteers to ease their integration into Finland and help with everyday life. MLL employees also offer advice and guidance to Ukrainians at the Vallila Help Center in Helsinki, where they coordinate MLL volunteer activities, including distributing clothes, playing with children, and offering support to parents. Additionally, they provide families with children’s clothes and accessories through its Marskin Muksut secondhand store.

At M-Files, we are thrilled to continue to support charities making a difference across Finland. That’s why in addition to facilitating support for the Help Center for Ukrainians via MLL Uusimaa, we donated €50,000 to United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF to help children and families in Ukraine and encouraged employees to also donate. Together, I believe we can make a difference, and providing a better future for the next generation is the first step.

If you’re interested in supporting the Help Center for Ukraine or the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL), please visit and

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