Antti Nivala Leadership Profile in Siliconrepublic


Antti Nivala, Founder and CEO, M-Files, is featured in this article for siliconrepublic, where he discusses his company’s origins, the differences in various c-suite roles and the need for SaaS companies to show they can operate in a ‘cash-efficient manner’.

M-Files has grown into a massive entity over the years, with more than 500 employees, offices in eight countries and more than 5,000 customers around the world. Nivala said the inspiration of M-Files came from a problem his father encountered as the head of an architectural engineering firm.

The company’s metadata-driven platform aims to give businesses a way to instantly find the information they need, automate business processes, and enhance information control.

From leadership management styles, to settling in the US and leveraging AI capabilities, Antti shares the insights of his journey in Tech and M-Files.

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