Digital Client Experience

Offer a seamless experience and increase client loyalty and satisfaction

Optimized client collaboration

Are you able to efficiently service your clients any time, wherever they might be? This is what is expected of the leaders in their space. We bring everything into one view for you and your clients so that you can focus on service.

What do we mean by Digital Client Experience?

Seamless digital collaboration, ease of use, customized to your clients’ needs – that is the foundation of a good digital client experience. It helps you optimize client experiences and increase loyalty and satisfaction, thus increasing client retention.


Simplify client experiences

Make digital collaboration so easy your clients can become real actors in your digital workspace.

Easy adoption means fast ROI

Hubshare is built to be user friendly and ready to use almost immediately. This means you get to enjoy the benefits soon.

Confirm your brand

Hubshare is a white-label solution that lets you bring visibility to your own brand and customize client experiences.

One installation – limitless hubs

Not only can you find everything easily — even using other systems as your user interface — you can enjoy the benefits of automation to handle routine tasks and compliance.

What Hubshare customers say

“For our financial institutions, a funding process that previously took 1.5 hours of attorney time, along with a delay of up to two days, is now done with minimal attorney time and down to next day completion, resulting in a 50% reduction in processing time.”
Patti Macdonald Managing Partner, Bishop & McKenzie

How Hubshare makes your digital client experience shine

With Hubshare, you can build an unlimited number of hubs – collaboration areas with your clients, partners, colleagues, or other stakeholders – and customize them to your needs.

Secure collaboration

Provide a modular set up and easily set up access to different areas in the hub, or to certain files. You get security combined with the ability to build an unlimited number of hubs.

Easy to configure

Just build a hub or several hubs within your installation from template, without technical skills. 3 clicks of a button, and you are ready to go.

Easy for your end users

Drag and drop your own widgets to support your use cases. You clients can self-register for a portal, and submit content easily through forms.

Digital Client Experience in a collaborative workspace
or digital client portal

Let’s define the terms that are often used to refer to some similar things – all of which can be easily covered with Hubshare.

Digital Client Experience

When we talk about Digital Client Experience, we mean an experience that is seamless and allows real two-way interaction. It is easy to use, customized, and helps streamline collaboration.

No need for file duplication and numerous emails – everything is available in one place: documents, people, discussions, processes, etc.

An optimized Digital Client Experience will enhance your client collaboration.

Collaborative Workspace

Real collaboration requires two-way interaction. Your clients and staff need to be able to be real actors within the workspace.

External users, who can be added without additional costs, can easily contribute and submit data, for instance by filling in forms.

Digital Client Portal

Your clients expect excellent usability and customized service.

User experience is key when building digital client portals – without sacrificing your ability to brand the experience and boost brand recognition.

What Hubshare customers say

“You don’t expect fee earners and support staff to be IT specialists, they are experienced in what they do. Any software product put in front of them really needs to be easy-to-use, and we found Hubshare was the best out of all of them.”
Yvette Moss IT Director at Steele Raymond

Add value with intelligent information management

Connect M-Files and Hubshare for an optimized collaboration experience. Using the power of M-Files intelligent information management at the back and Hubshare as the front end for collaboration, you ensure you are providing the best value for you and your clients.

No sync and share, no duplicates, wherever your data is stored – everything shared real-time in a digital workspace, with a single version of a document for you and your clients.

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