What is Intelligent Information Management?

Connected Content. Smarter Business.

Avoid the risk of disconnected data

Content siloed in several systems is a reality for many businesses — and that chaos can have devastating consequences and severe risk. No one knows exactly what data there is and where it can be found. This means that it is harder to scale and make fact-based decisions, or ensure data is handled the way it should be.

What we mean by Intelligent Information Management (IIM)?

Information at your service, exactly when you need it. That’s been the objective ever since document management emerged. IIM is all the stuff we like about document management plus much more — like visibility and integration across systems and repositories, along with enhanced business process automation. And much more — that is the transformational power of IIM.

Connecting Silos

It’s not about where data is stored — it’s about the right content, at the right time, for the right person.

You don’t need to know where something is stored

M-Files, while being a place to store content, also gives you the ability to access other systems and archives to search for, edit, and manage documents.

You only need to know what you are looking for

With M-Files, files and documents are labeled by what they are — which project, which customer, which user — so that it is always easy to find what you need.

We make it easy for you

Not only can you find everything easily — even using other systems as your user interface — you can enjoy the benefits of automation to handle routine tasks and compliance.

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How is IIM different?

Let’s define the terms that are often used to refer to some similar things. And what it is essentially that makes intelligent information management stand out.

Document Management

This is where it all started, and it is still an essential use case. Documents need to be stored, tracked, and managed in electronic format.

With IIM…

IIM adds the ability to do this across systems. And, it adds the intelligence that helps automate document management routines.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM extends traditional document management with timelines and processes. It connects people, processes, and technology together meaningfully.

With IIM…

IIM extends this single repository with a neutral approach toward the back- and front-end solutions used to store and access the data.

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Content Services Platform

The concept of a Content Services Platform was introduced by Gartner a few years ago. These are essentially platforms to run intelligent information management on. These platforms can be used as a repository on their own, but they also provide connections to external repositories. M-Files is a content services platform that delivers intelligent information management.

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How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.


You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

What our customers say

Stearns Bank N.A.

“We can now route documents via a workflow. We have estimated that between just four most popular workflows we save over $180.000 annually. Since we implemented back in 2015, we estimate that by 2020 should save $1.000.000 by those workloads alone.”
Jen Dingman Senior Systems Analyst, Sterns Bank N.A

How M-Files gives you control of your data

Minimize human error

AI is tireless. It will tag documents with as many metadata fields as necessary. Without spelling mistakes.

Know your data

Millions of documents in legacy archives? M-Files lets you discover business-critical data, such as PII, and manage it properly.

Comply with ease

Whether it is adherence to policies and industry standards or compliance with regulations, M-Files automates it.

Improve risk management

Know what you have and base decisions on current data. Manage business-critical data efficiently and securely.

Keep data secure

Security and privacy of data cannot be compromised. M-Files lets you govern user and access rights automatically and offers several security features.

What our customers say

Newark & Sherwood Homes

“It was often taking our staff half a day to simply locate a document. If we cannot quickly locate information required by our tenants, the board, or a member of the council, we risk damaging our reputation and even fines.”
Kristin McIntosh Project Research Officer, Newark & Sherwood Homes

These customers found success with Intelligent Information Management

Now you can, too.

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Proven by industry analysts

In addition to our customers, industry analysts recognize the power of M-Files Intelligent Information Management.

Visionary information management

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms confirms M-Files visionary approach.

Top usability and functionality

Nucleus Research recognizes M-Files as Leader, with top ratings for usability and functionality.

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