Focus on your clients

Provide digital client experiences that boost your business.

Superior client experience

In the digital world, it is imperative to provide good service 24/7, wherever your clients are. You need access to your clients’ information and documents – and they need access to yours. Documents, people, processes, discussions, and more – it all needs to be available for those who need it, when they need it. We help you be the forerunners in driving digitalization and improving digital customer experience using branded, customizable client portals.

Connect information silos

Our ability to connect siloed systems, applications, and repositories to provide a full view of all relevant information across the company regardless of where that information is stored allows you to provide a fast and accurate digital service to your clients, helping you deliver an optimal service and gain a competitive edge.

You control your information

All information remains safely managed in M-Files, removing the need for duplicate versions. This gives you a secure way to share and collaborate on information with clients according to agreed processes, industry standards, and local regulations, mitigating risk and increasing client trust.

More time for core business

Everything is easily available for the people who need the information when they need it. Your employees spend less time chasing client documentation, leading to increased employee productivity.

More brand recognition and customer loyalty

Connect with your clients and collaborate efficiently. Build a uniquely branded and personalized virtual workspace in which to communicate with clients and provide a tailored client collaboration experience.

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Improve the client experience

Connect with your clients in an easy and secure way to boost employee productivity and client satisfaction.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients

It does not stop at the ability to share and build client portals. You can also increase collaboration efficiency with co-authoring capabilities, several integrations to business systems and other tools, as well as keep track of tasks with assignments.

Connect all information

Your master data resides in several systems and repositories. Find, manage, and share documents and other information such as cases, quality deviations, and audit findings across all systems and repositories to connect siloed information.

Automate your business processes

Push documents through digital workflows to get reviews, signatures, and to ensure retention of specific information.

Secure your collaboration

We encrypt your data, and thanks to permissions, you can control access to documents depending on role, group, project, document type, and more.

Connect to the right version of any document

We keep one copy for each document, with no need to duplicate data. What you see is always the latest version.

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