Become a Certified Application Partner

Deliver business solutions built upon a modern ECM/Content Services platform.

Certified Application Partners

Develop demand for your solutions by integrating them with M-Files and leveraging access to thousands of global customers. The M-Files Certified Application Partner (CAP) program allows you to become recognized within the M-Files ecosystem as a partner who has been certified to develop and market business applications that leverage the M-Files ECM/content services platform.

Become a CAP

The CAP program is an annual program that provides access to developer resources and marketing support. The CAP program helps you to identify the best technical integration method(s), the best use of M-Files API’s, and the optimum ways to reach both M-Files channel partners and end-customers with your product(s).

Who are M-Files Certified Application Partners?

The CAP program is designed for any independent software vendor (ISV) or M-Files reseller who sells licensable software products that integrate with or are built upon the M-Files ECM platform. CAP program members develop and market software applications that extend M-Files in many ways, such as with vertical market solutions, preconfigured vault templates and workflows, analytics tools, user interface extensions. Certified Application Partners also develop independent and stand-alone software that provides key elements of an overall ECM solution, such as imaging/OCR applications, metadata analysis and content migration tools, and prepackaged software that integrates with a variety of structured and unstructured information systems.

Why enroll?

Increase your visibility among M‑Files salespeople and resellers around the world via regularly scheduled webinars and communications
Become eligible for joint marketing with M-Files, including referral arrangements
Improve brand awareness with placements in the M-Files Catalog, M-Files website and social media activities
Recognize your key employees with M-Files certifications to promote team competencies
Obtain email and telephone technical support from the M-Files developer support team
Access the M-Files developer portal
Obtain free development licenses to M-Files products

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