Common Training

Lively, interactive, and practical trainings.

Virtual and in-person training

All our classroom training (virtual and in-person) is provided by expert M-Files Trainers who will help you navigate through your M-Files journey. See below for our M-Files Key User and admin-level courses and schedules. If you’re looking for an end-user level training, contact us and we’ll tailor a course to suit your needs.

Virtual Classroom Trainings (in English)

Business Administrator
Creating Views

11 May 2021

Managing Processes with Workflows

17 June 2021

Overview of M-Files Permissions

25 August 2021

Common training events in Finland

M-Filesin metatietorakenteen hallinta

Helmikuu 10-11, 2021 in Webinar

M-Filesin näkymien määrittely ja käyttö

Maaliskuu 18, 2021 in Webinar

Prosessien ja työnkulkujen hallinta M-Filesin avulla

Huhtikuu 15, 2021 in Webinar

M-Filesin suojausasetusten monipuolinen hallinta

Toukokuu 27, 2021 in Webinar

M-Filesin metatietorakenteen hallinta

Kesäkuu 9-10, 2021 in Webinar

Other training options

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