Quick and easy integration of business data and documents

M-Files integrations bring your business together and help you cash in on the investments on IT architecture.

Get all your information into one view

M-Files brings together information in separate systems, archives, and applications into one view. The integration of business data, other business applications, and your documents is where you reap real benefits.

Why integrations matter?

In a typical company, documents are stored in more than three separate content platforms — in addition to several line-of-business applications across the company.

To make some sense of the information you have, you need a way to connect these separate information silos to make it readily available. M-Files integrates with most common line-of-business applications, as well as various content repositories, including network folders, SharePoint, and legacy ECM solutions.

No more duplicates

You no longer need to store data in different places or emailing attachments. One copy, one single version of the truth. For everyone.


Let everyone get access to relevant data so that work across the company gets aligned and based on a common understanding of the business.

Improved customer service

With access to the right data, at the right time, your employees can focus on solving customer problems and improving service.


A complete Digital Client Experience and Collaborative Workspace solution that enables optimal collaboration and productivity with a customizable client portal platform.

Microsoft 365

Boost the usage of Microsoft 365 tools with improved governance.


Use Salesforce as your user interface, or boost Salesforce with M-Files templates and workflows.

Google Workspace

The benefits of Google Workspace collaboration capabilities and powerful compliance come together.

Electronic signatures

Streamline your approval processes with electronic signatures. M-Files integrates with several tools, such as Adobe Sign, DocuSign, etc.

Network folders

Network folders are still very much alive. But they are not the easiest to use when you work remotely or need to find something quickly.

Other integrations

M-Files integrates with several business systems, legacy ECM solutions, and other tools.

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