M-Files Rapid Deployment Packages

Bring order to content chaos in just weeks

Companies suffer from massive productivity loss when their people spend too much time searching for the information they need across multiple siloed repositories that don’t speak to each other — CRM, ERP, network folders, SharePoint… the list goes on.

Packages for every need

Choose the right package to support your business and get rid of siloes efficiently.

With M-Files Rapid Deployment Packages, you can bring order to the chaos with information management, enabled by artificial intelligence. Streamline your business in weeks with metadata-driven workflows.

M-Files Essentials Trainingxxx
Web/Mobile Accessxxx
Document Classesxxx
Object Typesxxx
Views x x x
Templates x x x
Basic Permissions x x x
OCR Enablement x x x
Annotations and Redlining x x x
Co-Authoring x x x
M-Files User Training x x x
Active Directory Support x x
Basic Workflows x x
Advanced Permissions x x
Electronic Notifications x x
Electronic Signature Integration x x
M-Files User Training (Solution Specific) x x
M-Files Import Tools Training x x
Dynamic Name Access Control x
Tool Tips x
M-Files Business Administrator Trainingx

Accelerate your business

Rapid Deployment Service is all about speed of deployment and fast delivery of value.

Rapid deployment

We’ll gather your requirements and build your Content Management Systems in as little as one week. Start finding what you need fast and stop worrying about where you put it.

Fast time to value

When companies invest in critical technology, they demand fast time-to-value, especially when it comes to data. Our Rapid Deployment Packages get you up and running in as little as one week.

Accelerated ROI

Stop buying more than you need just because you’ve been told that you must. Our Rapid Deployment Packages speed up your return on investment by quickly giving you all the pieces you need to realize a fast return on investment.

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