File Information Based Conditions

An M-Files document consists of metadata and zero or more files. The Files tab is used to specify search criteria related to files, that is, not metadata, which is specified on the Properties and Status tabs.

The Files tab allows you to specify search criteria for document files.

File name

If you can remember the file name or parts of it, File name is an efficient search criterion. If you remember the exact name, select the equals sign and enter the name of the file in the next field. If you cannot remember the exact name, you can use other operator settings than the equals sign. For more information on the available operators, see Property-Based Conditions.

File size (KB)

If you want the search to return files of a certain size, you can specify the minimum and maximum file size here.

File created, File changed

Searches can also be performed according to the timestamps of files, that is, creation and modification dates. The use of dates as search criteria works in the same manner in all searches. For more information about the use of dates as search criteria, see Status-Based Conditions.

Linked to external location

You can also perform a search on files that are linked to an external location. You can choose to search within files that are all linked to one and the same external location, or within all linked files that are external to M-Files. For more information about linking files, see External File Sources.

Example: Searching for PNG Images

  1. Click the advanced search options button () to the right of the Quick Search field.
  2. Click the Additional Conditions button.
    Result:The Additional Conditions dialog is opened.
  3. Go to the Files tab, check the Contains files check box, and select Yes from the adjacent drop-down menu.
  4. Check the File name check box and select matches wildcard pattern from the adjacent drop-down menu.
  5. Enter *.png in the text field next to the drop-down menu.
    Result:The Files tab should now look like this:
  6. Click OK to close the Additional Conditions dialog.
  7. Enter a search term in the Quick Search field or leave it empty if you do not want to filter your search any further.
  8. Press Enter or click the arrow button next the Quick Search field to start your search.
The search results show the PNG images found for your search term or all the PNG images in the vault if you omitted the search term.