Document Collections

A document collection is a set of interrelated documents. The difference from a multi-file document is that each member of a document collection is independent and has its own metadata. In addition, the document collection has a collective set of metadata that is independent of the member documents. By contrast, in a multi-file document, all document files share the document's properties.

Video: Document Collections in M-Files

To create a document collection in M-Files, click the Create button and select Document collection... from the list. Then select a class and fill in the shared metadata of the collection.

Tip: If the document collection object type does not appear on the list, press the Alt key on your keyboard and select Create > Document Collection... via the menu bar. The list under the Create menu in the top pane and task area only shows object types that have the Show the creation command in the task area setting enabled.


A company is preparing a new marketing authorization application. A marketing authorization application consists of the following separate documents: cover letter, general product description, technical product specification, statement by the safety authorities, and the company's financial statement. Because the company wants to utilize the application's member documents in other document collections and as separate documents, it makes sense to create a document collection for the application.

Using the Collection Members dialog

Once you have created a document collection, you can open the the Collection Members dialog to manage its content. To open the dialog, right-click the document collection and select Collection Members from the context menu.

The Collection Members dialog.

Adding, editing, and removing collection members

Use the buttons along the bottom of the dialog to add, edit, and remove collection members. To add several objects at once, you can drag and drop members from the listing view.

Note: You can edit and remove documents only by first checking out the document collection.

Latest versions and specific versions

When you add a relationship, M-Files prompts for the desired behavior regarding the version of the added document. You can set the relationship to always apply to the latest version or to the current version. In the latter case, further editing of the document will not be reflected in the document inside the document collection.