Deleting and Undeleting Objects

Deleting objects

If you want to delete an object, right-click it and select Delete from the context menu. The object is not lost permanently, but it becomes deleted and can still be found by performing a filtered search (see Deleted under Status-Based Conditions).

Please note, however, that you can see deleted objects only if you have the appropriate permissions. If you have the system administrator permissions, full control of vault or the right to see and read all objects (including deleted ones), you can use a view that shows all the deleted objects (see Creating a View).

Undeleting objects

The Undelete option can be used to restore deleted objects. First, find the deleted item either via the Deleted view or using advanced search options, and then right-click the deleted item and select Undelete from the context menu.

Destroying objects

If you want to remove an object permanently, right-click a deleted one and select Destroy. Alternatively, when you are deleting an object, you can check the Destroy permanently check box.

Video: M-Files Administrator: Undelete and Destroy Objects