View Advanced Settings and Permissions

You can create a subview in a virtual folder of a certain view (see Creating a View in a Virtual Folder). The Advanced tab of the Define View dialog allows you to determine whether the view is also displayed in other folders of the same level.

Note: If the same level contains views and folders, views created in the folders will not be created in the views of the same level. The selection applies only to the folders of the level.

The advanced settings for an M-Files view.

To display your view in all the other folders of the same level, select the In all folders of this level option. In the above example, the newly created view would be visible in all the virtual folders under the view By Customer and Class.

Indexing the view

Indexing of the view can be used to speed up the use of certain important views in a large document vault, if the filter criteria for the view sufficiently filter the group of objects. Indexing of the view is recommended only if the view does not include many objects (for instance, 10,000 objects in a vault with a total of 1,000,000 objects) and if the view is used daily and is working slowly.

Indexing views should be used sparingly and only for views that benefit significantly from it, since each indexed view in the vault slightly slows down the creation and editing of documents and other objects.

View-specific indexing can be activated by a user with at least the right to manage common views.

Permissions tab

The Permissions tab of the Define View dialog allows you to specify the users whoe are able to see the view. The tab is visible only when you are defining common views.