Updating M-Files

Automatic updates keep the M-Files software up to date. If a newer version of M-Files becomes available, it is downloaded to client computers and installed automatically. Users can delay automatic updates for a limited time if they are working on something important while an automatic update becomes available.

Note: Users do not need local administrative rights on their computers for the automatic updates to run.
In M-Files Desktop, vault users are notified when a new M-Files version becomes available. By clicking Options, users can schedule or initiate the M-Files software update.
Vault users can choose between updating M-Files right away or at a later time.

The feature obtains the latest update information from the update server using HTTPS on TCP port 443. This means that normally you do not need to change any firewall settings.

For information on updating M-Files manually, see Manually Updating M-Files.

Settings for automatic updates

You can open the settings for automatic updates by choosing Automatic Updates from the Microsoft Windows start menu, and then by opening the Settings tab in the Automatic Updates window.

Note: The M-Files system administrator may preset these settings, in which case they cannot be changed via the Settings tab.
The Automatic Updates dialog.

If you wish to disable automatic updates, uncheck the Download updates automatically check box. You can always check for updates manually by opening the Installation tab and clicking the Check Now button. This way an update is downloaded to your computer if there is one available. For a high-level description on how M-Files downloads the update packages when the Download updates automatically option is enabled, see Update Download Process.

If you wish to disable the automatic installation of updates, uncheck the Install updates automatically check box. You can always start the installation of available updates manually by opening the Installation tab and clicking the Install button. If the Install button is disabled, it means that there are no updates available for installation.

In the Installation schedule section, you may select the preferred days and time of installing M-Files updates. It is recommended that you select a date and time that is outside of working hours so that installing updates does not interrupt M-Files operations in your organization. Note that the computer must be running and not in sleep or hibernate mode when the update is scheduled to be installed. If the computer is not running when the scheduled installation time occurs, the update is attempted to be installed or scheduled the next time the computer is started.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you keep automatic updates enabled to ensure that your M-Files software is always up to date. For more information on scheduling update installations and disabling automatic updates, see Configuring Automatic Updates via Registry Settings.