Saving messages in M-Files Folders

In addition to using the Save to M-Files function, you can save messages to M-Files by using M-Files folders. This offers several additional features for saving messages:

  • You can save messages quickly and easily by dragging them to M-Files folders in Microsoft Outlook.
  • M-Files folders are automatically available to you in Microsoft Outlook if M-Files has been installed on your computer. Automatically used M-Files folders correspond to the M-Files vaults to which you have added a document vault connection.
  • The messages are always copied from their original folder in Microsoft Outlook: messages are not removed from their original Microsoft Outlook folder when you move them to the M-Files folder.
  • You can specify automatically populated metadata for each M-Files folder.

The functions described in this section are available in Microsoft Outlook versions 2013, 2016, and 2019, as well as in Office 365 ProPlus versions currently supported by Microsoft according to their lifecycle policy.