Offline Availability

You can mark objects to be available in the offline mode individually or use Offline Filters.

Mark for Offline Availability

You can select Operations > Offline Availability > Mark for Offline Availability from the menu bar to specify documents and other objects to be available offline when you do not have a network connection. The selected documents will be shown in the Offline view.

You can select individual objects, a group of objects, view entities, or virtual folders to be available offline. If you select a view or virtual directory to be available offline, M-Files creates a new offline filter corresponding to the view in question. This way, all new objects conforming to the filter conditions will automatically be available offline according to the filter settings. You can also edit the offline filter you have created. For more information about offline filters, see Offline Filters.

You can go offline by selecting Operations > Go Offline from the menu bar, and conversely, go back online by selecting Operations > Go Online from the menu bar. For more information, see Going Offline and Going Online.

Remove Offline Availability

You can remove the offline availability of the selected object by selecting Operations > Offline Availability > Remove Offline Availability from the menu bar.