Offline Filters

Navigate to the Offline view (accessed via Other Views of the home screen). In this view, you can define filters ensuring that all important objects are accessible even without a network connection.

To remove the offline filter, select Delete from the filter context menu. This only removes the offline filter, not the view itself.

Example: Creating an Offline Filter for a Project

  1. On the M-Files home screen, navigate to Other Views > Offline.
  2. Press Alt to open the menu bar.
  3. Select Create > Offline Filter...
    Result:The Offline Filter Properties dialog is opened.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for your offline filter.
    The name will appear in the listing area under Other Views > Offline.
  5. Click Define Filter... to specify the conditions that objects must meet to be shown in this view.
    Result:The Define Filter dialog is opened.
  6. On the Properties tab, click Add Condition and add the following condition:
    1. From the Property drop-down menu, select Project.
    2. Select = from the Operator drop-down menu.
    3. From the Value drop-down menu, select a desired project.
  7. Click OK to close the Define Filter dialog and to return to the Offline Filter Properties dialog.
  8. If unchecked, check the Show documents and other objects check box.
  9. Click OK to finish creating the offline filter.
The offline filter you have created appears under Other Views > Offline. Every document and object in this view can be accessed even when the connection to M-Files Server in unavailable.