Single-File and Multi-File Documents

In M-Files, you can create multi-file or single-file documents.

Video: Multi-File Documents

A multi-file document usually contains several files, that is, files that together with the metadata constitute one multi-file document. You can view the contents of a multi-file document by double-clicking it. In other words, a multi-file document is a fixed entity that contains several document files. For example, it is usually a good idea to include a proposal and its attachment in the same multi-file document.

Tip: Multi-file documents can be set to use a primary file type, changing how these documents behave in the user interface. See Setting a Primary File Type for Multi-File Documents for details.

You can later convert a single-file document to a multi-file document and vice versa.

Multi-file document and single-file Microsoft Word documents in the listing area.

Converting a multi-file document to a single-file document

When a multi-file document contains exactly one file, you can convert it to a regular single-file document by right-clicking it, and then selecting Convert to Single-file Document.

Converting a single-file document to a multi-file document

You can convert a single-file document to a multi-file document by right-clicking a single-file document and selecting Convert to Multi-file Document from the context menu.