Going Online

You can move back online from the offline mode by pressing the Alt key and selecting Operations > Go Online from the menu bar, or by clicking your username in the top-right corner of the user interface and selecting Go Online from the context menu. Once you are online, M-Files restores all other views and you can continue browsing the document vault normally. You can also, for example, check in documents shown in the Offline view and therefore save the changes on the server.

When switching to online mode, M-Files detects whether the changes made offline cannot be checked in to the server directly. For instance, somebody may have edited the document on the server while you were editing it offline. If the latest version checked in to the server matches the version you started to edit offline, the version edited offline can be saved as the new document version. In this case, no changes have been made to the object in question during offline editing. However, if the server contains a new versions created during the time offline, M-Files notifies the user, who can then choose from the following procedures:

  • Save the version edited offline as a new document (the document on the server remains unchanged).
  • Reject the changes made (accepts the new version on the server and rejects changes made offline).
  • Cancel Go Online.
Tip: If you check out the document online, editing offline should not create unclear situations. The user can edit the document normally while offline, and other users can see that the document is checked out to the user in question.