Going Offline

You can use M-Files without a network connection as well.

You can start using M-Files without a network connection by pressing the Alt key and selecting Operations > Go Offline from the menu bar, or by clicking your username in the top-right corner of the user interface and selecting Go Offline from the context menu. You will then have access to the Offline view, which shows all the objects that have been made available offline. In other words, the documents and objects in this view can be accessed even when a connection to M-Files Server is unavailable.

The Go Offline command prepares M-Files so that it can also be used offline. The same preparation procedures are performed during a normal logout and when Windows is being shut down.


A sales representative is leaving the office to give a presentation to a customer. She makes a PowerPoint presentation and intends to present it offline. She will have no access to the corporate network from the customer premises, but M-Files offers access to the PowerPoint document through the Offline view.

You can make the desired documents and other objects available offline by using the Mark for Offline Availability command. For more information, see Offline Availability. Collection members, relationship objects, and subobjects are also automatically available offline if they are associated with objects marked as available offline.

When you are using the offline mode, you can create new objects and edit objects available offline.