Functions in AutoCAD

The M-Files functions accessible directly in AutoCAD make it easy to work with CAD drawings. You can access the functions from the File menu or the M-Files menu. The menus may look a little different, depending on the version of AutoCAD in use.

The following M-Files functions are available in Autodesk AutoCAD. However, the functions are not supported in AutoCAD LT. The supported AutoCAD versions are specified in the M-Files Lifecycle Policy.

M-Files functions in AutoCAD are:

  • Open from M-Files
  • Save to M-Files
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Undo Checkout

For more information about these functions, see Functions in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.


For more information about this function, see Properties.

Insert Field

With the Insert Field option, you can add M-Files metadata to drawings along with AutoCAD fields. The M-Files metadata fields are located in the M-Files field category in the Field selection dialog in AutoCAD.

For more information, see Insert M-Files Property.