No more information silos

M-Files ? from content chaos to efficiency and control

Efficiency and control for document-heavy work

M-Files gets information in front of the people who need it, when they need it, wherever they work – securely and efficiently. It no longer matters where something is stored – you just search for what it is you need. The M-Files data management platform also sets boundaries for how information is managed so that you can be sure it is secure and private, as well as aligned with your processes and workflows.

A single source of truth

It’s time to take control of your data. Wherever your content lies – even in other systems and archives – M-Files puts it in one view, connects it with your business processes, and makes it work for you.

Work with documents

Spara och s?k i dokument var som helst, redigera dem och registrera versionshistorik.

Collaborate and share

Co-author documents, share documents securely, or keep track of tasks and assignments – wherever you work.

Digitize the business

Ta din verksamhet fr?n papper till digitalt format eller automatisera arbetsfl?den och aff?rsprocesser f?r h?gre effektivitet.

What our customers say

?M-Files har identifierats som den perfekta l?sningen eftersom det f?renar inneh?ll utan att p?verka befintliga system och processer eller kr?va migrering av data.?
Kristin McIntosh Project Research Officer, Newark & Sherwood Homes

Want to learn more?

Kontakta M-Files Sales f?r att f? veta mer om de olika plattformsfunktionerna och hur de ?r till f?rdel f?r dig.

Use your own tools

Not only does M-Files put everything in one view. It puts everything in one view within your favorite daily tool.

Microsoft 365

Whether it is Teams, Outlook or SharePoint that you use daily, we provide a unique integration that allows you to work directly in the Microsoft tool of your choice.


If you spend your days in Salesforce managing customers and activities, M-Files allows you to connect documents with Salesforce data.

Google Workspace

Enjoy the benefits of information management boosting compliance combined with the power of G Suite daily work and collaboration capabilities.

Andra integreringar

Vi integrerar med flera aff?rsl?sningar, ?ldre lagringsplatser och andra verktyg.

We respect the security and privacy of your data

Whether it is your own data, or customer data that you handle and store, the security and privacy of that data is a key concern for businesses. We take that seriously, and help you set up boundaries to how information is accessed, handled, and shared.

Cloud, on premises, or hybrid – you choose

M-Files offers a unique licensing model that lets you be in charge of how you implement the M-Files data management platform. The same license is valid for cloud, on premises, or hybrid installations with no additional fee.

Driven by artificial intelligence

AI makes M-Files what it is – it is the engine behind the scenes driving automation and added efficiency. Whether it is discovery of unknown data in legacy archives, or automatic tagging suggestions, you can set your employees free to focus on core business and value-adding tasks and let M-Files take care of the time-consuming, boring tasks.

Desktop, web, or mobile

You can choose to use M-Files however you prefer. The Desktop Client offers the most extensive features and supports all use cases for super users, or regulated businesses. The Web Client is optimized for daily document management needs, and the mobile apps offer you the ability to access M-Files from your mobile phone or tablet.

L?s mer om M-Files Web-klienten

L?s mer om M-Files

?ratal av erfarenhet av att hj?lpa kunderna att hantera information mer effektivt, bepr?vat av verkliga kundupplevelser och framforskade data.

Video med fallstudie: Valmet

?Det st?rsta problemet ?r att informationen ?r utspridd. Vi har tacklat det h?r problemet genom att f?rst av allt v?lja en plattform. Vilken f?rst?s ?r M-Files.?

Juho Jurvanen
IT Customer Solutions Manager, Valmet
Rapport: Det v?xande problemet med fr?nkopplade datalagringsplatser

Fr?nkopplade datasilor med information som ?r utspridda i olika system och arkiv p?verkar de anst?lldas produktivitet.

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