Document Management for Business Consulting Firms

With documents in order and automated processes in place, you can focus on serving your customers more effectively.

Win and retain new customers

Customers want a simple and collaborative experience at an affordable price, and to meet their expectations, you are often asked to do more with less. You have to empower your staff to deliver, but that is a challenge when they spend time and energy figuring out where the engagement stands. Where is that SOW? Who should I forward this to for approval? Did someone already send this to the client? We have just the solution.

M-Files for Business Consulting

We help business consulting and other professional services companies manage documents and automate key business processes.

All customer documents in one place

We give you a single point of access where all information about customers can be organized, safely stored, and accessed. Everything you need to deliver a memorable experience is just a click away.

Automate manual processes

With M-Files, processes like customer onboarding and contract management can be standardized. Errors and wait times are reduced, and you can deliver value more quickly.

Secure your customer data

Your customers’ data is protected by encryption and access permissions. And by tracking what happens to documents at all stages, we enable you to prove you are following the right processes to protect your reputation.

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