Document Management
for Accounting Firms

With documents in order and automated processes in place, you can offer services that are more convenient and more affordable.

Win and retain new customers

Customer experience is everything. And most of it starts with how information is managed, as accounting firms massively rely on documents and paper. When staff is buried in manual tasks and struggle to find stuff in file cabinets, network drives, and email inboxes, what type of experience is your customer getting? We have just the solution.

M-Files for Accounting

We help accounting and other professional services companies manage documents and automate key business processes.

All customer documents in one place

We give you a single point of access where all information about customers can be organized, safely stored, and accessed. Everything you need to deliver a memorable experience is just a click away.

Automate manual processes

With M-Files, you can standardize critical customer touch points like onboarding, KYC procedures, and contract management. Automation and consistency reduce errors and wait times, so you can reassign resources to serve your customers.

Secure your customer data

Your customers’ data is protected by encryption and flexible access permissions. And by tracking what happens to documents at all stages, we enable you to prove you are following the right processes to protect your reputation.

3 Ways Accounting Firms are Winning New Business with M-Files

In this eBook, we detail how to remove the obstacles that prevent accounting firms staff from serving the customer best and how to keep operation costs under control.

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