Integrate your collaboration with key processes

Centralize and manage your documents more easily

Integrate to your own environment

Using Microsoft Office, M-Files, or DocuSign in your processes? Hubshare integrates with all these. You can also build other integrations through Rest API to support your specific needs.

Office 365

Launch files stored in Hubshare directly from Microsoft Office applications and simplify and workflows.

Edit and review your documents and save them straight back into Hubshare without the need to download files.


Connect M-Files and Hubshare for a complete digital workspace. M-Files works as the backbone, providing a single hub for all data, regardless of where the data is stored. And Hubshare provides customized access to your clients and other collaboration partners.

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Stay on top of contract negotiations and accelerate transactions. Set documents for electronic signatures with a client hub to manage the process in one place for all users.

The signed document will automatically be added back into Hubshare.

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