Document Management System (DMS)

Easy, secure, and efficient document management for all companies

Document management — Redefined

M-Files document management system is more than a traditional one. It lets you automate your document-heavy work in an easy and efficient way so that information starts working for you rather than vice versa. The M-Files DMS offers you everything from simple document management use cases to sophisticated workflow automation to support your business processes and provide added value.

What can you do with M-Files document management system?

Whether you simply want to find your documents faster, wherever they are stored, or need to protect sensitive information and make sure you work in alignment with different guidelines and regulations, M-Files has an extensive set of features to help you.

Protect documents

Access rights in M-Files are dynamic and based on metadata about the document type, project or case, or workflow state. Permissions change automatically when there are changes in the organization or workgroups.

Find documents

With M-Files, files and documents are labeled by what they are — which project, which customer, which user — so that it is always easy to find what you need.

Connect siloed data

M-Files allows you to create a single view to all content, without migration and regardless of the system or repository it is stored or viewed in. SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce, Google Workspace, — one single view.

Automate workflows

M-Files helps you keep track of tasks and processes with workflows that help you automate daily work. You can easily adhere to company guidelines and legal regulations and let M-Files worry about the audit trail.

Gain true efficiency by going beyond traditional document management

Go beyond traditional document management with M-Files federated approach to data. It means that with M-Files, you can find, manage, and share documents and other information such as cases, quality deviations, and audit findings across all systems and repositories. All the benefits of smart and automated information management from day one, without the strain of the lengthy and costly migration project. Enjoy the ease of use of one, common user interface and user experience every day. This is the M-Files approach to managing documents and we call it Intelligent Information Management.

Are you ready to redefine document management?

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How you benefit from M-Files document management system

Working with and managing documents can be easy, secure, and efficient at the same time.

Ease of use

M-Files offers ease of use combined with extensive functionality, accessible by Desktop, Web, or mobile Client. Virtual folders provide an instantly familiar user experience.

Version control

M-Files automatically saves version history every time you update something, and you can easily roll back to an earlier version.


Collaboration with colleagues is easy. You can edit documents simultaneously or comment and annotate documents.

Secure sharing

You can share documents with partners, customers, and other interest groups securely by sending them a public link. No more attachments out of your control. Or accidental access to a secret document. Access rights are managed automatically.

Support for all types of documents

You can manage all types of documents and data with M-Files and connect disconnected information silos. Even email content can be managed in the same place with documents.

Anytime and anywhere access

M-Files can be accessed even offline when there is no access to the Internet. And it can be accessed with any device, connecting you with your documents at all times.

Easy for administrators

Not only does M-Files help your end users be more efficient. It also provides easy efficiency to your IT staff managing software.

Always up to date

M-Files comes with regular automatic updates. Your IT staff can focus on supporting the business rather than manually updating software.

Cloud, on premises or hybrid

You can set up M-Files in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid solution. Take the best of both and optimize cloud-based collaboration with investments in on-premises architecture.

Metadata-driven user and access rights

Managing user rights in a complex, hierarchical structure can be a nightmare. M-Files automated role-based user rights come to the rescue.

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