Content Services Platform

M-Files: Integrated, visionary content services platform

A true content services platform

M-Files is a repository for all your information. But it’s so much more. You can use M-Files to find, access and manage all your information across different systems and repositories. You don’t need to migrate information to one system, as M-Files provides an intelligent information management platform for content services regardless of where that content resides.

Visionary content services

M-Files has been recognized as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform

Intelligence at the core of the content services platform

Our content services platform is built to provide intelligent information management. We provide a unified user experience however you use the platform. Built-in intelligence features help you focus on the task at hand and automate your daily work.

Unlock efficiency

AI is what makes M-Files what it is. Working behind the scenes, it allows you to drive efficiency into daily office work. Additionally, you can find business-critical data in legacy archives.

Automate workflows

Keep track of document workflows automatically. Launch workflows to support your business processes and comply with company guidelines, industry standards, or legal regulations.

Create transparency

Create a single view to all content, without migration and regardless of the system or repository it is stored in. SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce, Google G-Suite — one single view.

Automate user management

Managing user rights in a complex, hierarchical structure can be a nightmare. Automate role-based user rights and keep track of who can access what — in a scalable way.

Enter the era of content services platforms

Today’s segregated information architecture calls for a new approach towards content and information management. Content services platforms (CSP) have taken the place of traditional ECMs. CSPs can be used as a repository on their own, but they also provide connections to external repositories through integrations and APIs.

M-Files lets you integrate structured and unstructured content in numerous systems and repositories, providing a CSP platform for intelligent information management.

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