PARTNER SPOTLIGHT – Digital Office Company Oy

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Partner company name
Digital Office Company Oy


Name & Job Title
Matti Viljanen, Director of Business Operations

How long have you been a partner?
4 years

Why did you choose to partner with M-Files?
M-Files provides a revolutionary way to manage information. The software is highly customizable and integrable to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Do you target any specific industry or application? If so, which ones?
At the moment, we do a lot of work in the energy and real estate sectors.
However, our customers are spread over many industries. Our strength is in the flexibility of the product that allows us to adapt and answer to many business needs?

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?
We help define operating methods that support new information management solutions for the company. We then deploy M-Files into a seamless part of the company’s processes. We also make the necessary integrations between different systems to get the best performance.

Do you offer your own solution based on M-Files?
We offer various integration applications like Visma Sign and Visma Netvisor.

What do you like most about M-Files?
Definitely the adaptability of the product—M-Files supports the needs of different businesses.

How do you see the future of your partnership with M-Files?
M-Files is a key partner for us and our cooperation deepens and grows year by year.

Have you developed any specific modules or a specific expertise?
We have a versatile offering of the Visma Sign connector. On the real estate side, we have built integrations with ERP systems in order to maintain the same real estate work-process structure in M-Files as well.
So, we can display documents in the context that the users want to see them without requiring maintenance actions in two systems.

One last comment…
We help bring dark information to light and define a new efficient information management system for your company. We understand the needs and pain points of different business operations and build M-Files to support the needs and eliminate the pain.

More information: Digital Office Company (DOC) is a Finnish company founded in 1996 that provides modern information management solutions to organizations of all sizes. Their offices are located in Espoo, Lahti and Hämeenlinna.
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