M-Files and Tessi Partnership Delivers Elevated Tenant Management for Social Housing Landlords and Businesses Following the Recent Tenant Satisfaction Measures

M-Files, Tessi, and Aspire to be featured panelists at Inside Housing’s Tenant and Resident Engagement 2023 Conference

London (UK), 11.05.2023M-Files, a global leader in information management, and Tessi Consulting and Integration (Tessi C&I), first announced their partnership in providing best-in-class solutions for document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the UK, France and Switzerland in 2021. As their partnership progresses, so does their provision of focused services across various UK sectors, tackling key issues in today’s Social Housing sector as a focal point for 2023.

As the UK housing sector continues to boom, the amount of data managed daily by landlords, estate agents and businesses is dramatically increasing, leaving landlords to deal with a blizzard of property, tenant and corporate information and documentation. The M-Files and Tessi partnership provides social housing landlords and businesses with a metadata-driven document management platform to deliver better document and information management for tenants and residents.

M-Files and Tessi UK together offer practical, easy-to-implement and readily available solutions to store, retrieve and find information for landlords and businesses who seek to deliver a better tenant experience. On May 16th, both partners will be exhibiting at Inside Housing’s Tenant & Resident Engagement 2023 Conference alongside Aspire, a consulting firm specialising in customer communications management and customer experience management industries. All three organisations will sponsor the panel discussion “Data, insight and Tenant Satisfaction Measures” at 11:15am.

The panel will dive into the newly implemented Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)
and how they can be used as tools for proactive consumer regulation, as well as how the sector can support tenant scrutiny and landlord improvement. The new satisfaction measures within The Social Housing Regulation Bill gives residents the right to demand information and could subject non-compliant landlords to unlimited fines, all of which helps put more stress on overloaded document management systems.

Landlords should consider a collaborative approach to data management to enable easier access to information about assets and residents, which not only ensures operational effectiveness, cost-efficiency, speedy communication, and regulatory compliance, but also leads to an improved customer experience for tenants.

“Social Landlords must start thinking about their tenants as customers,” said Charles Hayward, head of sales, Tessi. “That’s why more and more social housing companies are employing people in these customer- focused roles in order to boost tenant satisfaction.”

When executed correctly, customer communications are underpinned by a strong information management platform, which is where the M-Files platform is integral, as once the right information is stored, social landlords can then send targeted communications to their customers, which Tessi provides as a service.

M-Files is a global leader in information management, supplying knowledge workers with a metadata-driven document management platform and enabling users to instantly find the right information in any context, as well as automate business processes and enforce information control. The M-Files platform provides landlords and businesses with a robust system and processes for data collection and analysis all in one place, offering them a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work. Tessi C&I is dedicated to helping customers make their digital communications easier and faster by delivering strategic guidance and tools to make each step in the customer communication journey successful.

M-Files, Aspire, and Tessi take pride in having a holistic approach to data-management within housing, focusing on information management and using it to provide effective and practical, targeted customer communication campaigns.

“As part of our close collaboration with Tessi to drive digitisation, we are excited to share the M-Files platform to help bring tenants a better experience and landlords with better management following the recent Tenant Satisfaction Measures in the UK housing sector,” said Christian Habenstein, director of partner sales, Western Europe, M-Files.

The 11:15 am panel session on May 16th will feature Adam Firbank of Aspire, who will provide an overview of customer experience how organisations in other highly regulated markets approach data and satisfaction measures and how it relates to social housing.
Panelists in his session will expand upon how social landlords can approach data-management. Visit stand 4 where consultants will provide M-Files use cases and software demonstrations. More details on M-Files’ Tenant & Resident Engagement Conference 2023 presence:

When: Tuesday, May 16, 11:15 a.m. – GMT.

Where: Tenant and Resident Engagement Conference, 155 Bishopsgate, London, Stand #4

What: Panel – Data, insight and the Tenant Satisfaction Measures


• Adam Firbank, Senior Consultant of Aspire
• Amramanjari Singh, Director of Data and BI of Southern Housing
• Louise Taylor, Director of Corporate Strategy and Assurance of Believe Housing
• Frances Harkin, Head of Services of HACT

To sign up for a demonstration, please contact Charles.hayward@tessi-group.co.uk

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About M-Files
M-Files is a global leader in information management. The M-Files metadata-driven document management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work with lower risk. For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

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An international player in Business Process Services, Tessi supports companies and public administrations with the digitalisation of business processes and customer experience management. Present in more than fifteen countries worldwide, Tessi has 13,500 staff and saw a turnover of €475 million in 2021, growing organically at +7% per year since 2017.
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Aspire is a bespoke consulting firm specializing in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) industries. Aspire empowers Enterprises, CCM/CXM Software, Services and Solution providers, and Business Advisories and Private Equity Firms, with unbiased guidance and actionable insights delivered through a variety of highly specialized services.

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