Make Salesforce your single source of truth

Integrate key documents with Customers, Leads and Opportunities

M-Files for Salesforce allows you to manage your documents in the same view as your customer and other business data providing one view to all relevant information.

M-Files for Salesforce brings user experience to the forefront

Salesforce is where sales processes are managed. Salespeople do all their daily work in Salesforce — even create, store, find, and manage their documents.

Contract management

Manage contracts by creating a contract from a template and multiple documents, through the commenting rounds, to approval and storage.

Opportunity management

Generate proposal documents with pre-filled data and drive the stage of the opportunity through the editing and approval process. And finally, open the project in Salesforce. All automatically driven by workflows.

Document management

Give your employees the familiarity of their daily tools. Manage your documents in all connected archives directly from the Salesforce user interface.

What our customers say

“We use Salesforce to manage all our customer interactions and M-Files for enterprise content management. The intelligent information management capabilities of M-Files automate for example our Opportunity management process.”
Troy Adams Director of Business Technology, VDA

Streamline sales processes

CRM alone cannot help you break down silos. You need to be able to connect business data with documents, regardless of where these are stored, and ensure processes are followed.


Gain visibility to information across units, and vertically top down and vice versa.


Ensure documents are available to the right people and enforce processes with workflows and prefilled metadata.

Cost efficiency

Maximize investment on existing platforms on premises or in the cloud.


Automate routine tasks and document management processes for sales and customer service.

How does M-Files for Salesforce work?

With M-Files, sales and service teams can organize and manage customer-related documents such as proposals, contracts, and sales collateral – then tag them to related records, such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts or Leads in Salesforce.


Protect confidential information and control the visibility of information.

Leverage AI

Leverage artificial intelligence to discover business-critical data from clutter.

Add workflows

Add sophisticated workflows to automate office work and improve compliance.

Use templates

Benefit from ready-made templates for several use cases and industries.

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