Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures speed up your signing processes

Agreements, orders, invoices, or any other documents can be easily signed remotely using electronic signatures, enforcing your compliance with agreed processes.

Make your approval and signing processes easy and compliant

Electronic and digital signatures are a sure way to verify internal process and collect signatures quickly from external parties.

Remote work

To sign a document, you don’t need to be at your desk.

Contract Management

Streamline the contract management process with electronic signatures.


Make sure your approval processes align with company, industry, and legal requirements.

Benefits of electronic and digital signatures

Signing electronically is both efficient and secure and can speed up your processes. You can use workflows to push the document automatically though the signing and approval processes established in your business.


Electronic signing will speed up your processes.


No lost print outs or sensitive data forgotten at the printer.


No need to worry about the signing process or archiving — you can let automatic workflows manage your document.


Document signer, signature time, and signed content can be indisputably authenticated.

M-Files Electronic Signature Solutions

We integrate with several electronic signature solutions to allow you to use the solutions of your choice.

Adobe Sign

Combine best-in-class electronic and digital signing capabilities with intelligent document management to help improve your customer experience and get deals done quickly no matter where your employees work.

Adobe Sign Integrates seamlessly with the M-Files workflow engine allowing the sender to receive notifications.


Speed up collection of signatures and streamline document approval and digital signing processes with DocuSign.

M-Files workflow engine integrates seamlessly with DocuSign and supports pre-filled document templates and auto-assigning documents for signers.

Visma Sign

Collect signatures faster and minimize risks involved with contracts with Visma Sign’s signature service based on strong identification.

The signing process of contracts and other documents becomes significantly more efficient through workflows and automatic assignments. M-Files also offers a versatile solution for managing document templates and approving draft versions before the signature phase.

M-Files eSigning & Compliance Extension

Control your processes and maintain compliance with regulations.

You can use the M-Files eSigning & Compliance extension in conjunction with your CRM or ERP system, making M-Files a central repository for all important company documents and information, ensuring important business content is managed and accessed in a unified and consistent manner.

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