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Secure and efficient sharing and collaboration

Keep track of your documents while sharing and collaborating

Sharing documents as email attachments is a quick way to create chaos. No one knows which version is stored where, and who made the latest updates. Luckily, there’s a better way — the M-Files way.

Share documents

Sharing documents is easy. No more lost email attachments. No more duplicate versions. The actual document stays where it is, so that there is always just one copy of any document. Just share a link to the one true version.

With colleagues

When your colleagues use M-Files too, sharing documents is a snap. Everyone has the same, version of the document when they need it, and should they need to point to the document, they just create a link and share it.

With external stakeholders

For external stakeholders without M-Files, you can still share documents easily and securely. Just create a public link with an expiration and share it. The recipient will be able to access the information they need.

Sharing documents with M-Files is not only easy — it’s also secure

Automatically manage access and user rights to minimize risk.

Co-author documents

When staff collaborate on projects together, several team members participate in the creation and editing of a single document. M-Files enables a new level of efficiency with real-time co-authoring with Microsoft Office applications.

Collaborate in real time

Multiple users simultaneously edit and see the changes on the document.

Automate saving

The co-authoring feature automatically saves changes. A new version is created upon check out and check in operations.

Save where you want to

The auto-saving feature in M-Files is independent of storage location, such as OneDrive or SharePoint.

Co-author securely

Security is built into co-authoring. Automatic permissions make sure the right people have access rights to the content.

Use your preferred client

The co-authoring feature works both with the M-Files Desktop Client and the browser-based Web Client.

In addition to native M-Files clients, you can share and co-author content with your daily tools

like Microsoft Teams or Salesforce.

Keep track of tasks with M-Files assignments

Tasks and assignments are a big part of working together. Maybe you need someone to review or approve your document. Maybe you need someone to publish it — or take action.

M-Files assignments are an easy way to push the document to the next stage and automate follow up on it. Assignments can be set up manually, or they can be part of an automated workflow based on the type of the document.

Jupiter Group goes paper-free with M-Files

“M-Files has completely changed the way we work as an organization for the better. From the way we find documents, to filing data, and sharing information – it has made a huge difference and has changed the whole dynamics of the office and improved the way we work.”


Mark Tweddle, Managing Director, Jupiter Group

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