Microsoft Office

Integrate Microsoft Office apps for seamless work

Work seamlessly in Office apps, co-author documents in real time, use dynamic templates, or compare documents efficiently.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint integration

M-Files provides deep integration with Microsoft Office apps. You can work daily with your documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while M-Files takes care of managing their life cycle.

Save and edit documents to M-Files directly from the Office ribbon

M‑Files Desktop integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. M‑Files functions are accessible directly in the Office ribbon interface, making it easy to work with these common document types.

Collaborate with your colleagues real-time

M-Files offers real-time co-authoring for Office 365 applications. This allows multiple users to simultaneously work with and see changes in a document. The feature offers frequent auto-saving and built-in security both in desktop and web client. Managing team projects becomes much more efficient when you combine the ease-of-work of Office applications with M-Files information management capabilities.

Increase efficiency with document templates

Easily convert your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and templates into intelligent and dynamic M-Files templates. Templates can be automatically populated with M-Files metadata properties — like company name, contact or address. The result is improved efficiency and better consistency.

Compare documents

M-Files enables you to compare two different document versions and highlight changes for easy review quickly and efficiently. You can also compare, for example, a PDF document to the original Word document.

Web and mobile use

M-Files web can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Online Apps and M‑Files mobile apps support saving and editing documents via Microsoft Office Apps,

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