[INFOGRAPHIC] 18 Startling Information Management Statistics

Last month, M-Files surveyed 1,500 workers to ask some hard-hitting questions about their experience with document management — everything from finding documents to versioning to mobile access. The results were published in a comprehensive report: The 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report. We’ve compiled the most compelling figures from the report into an eye-opening infographic.

Check out these startling statistics around:


As you can see, document management challenges remain pervasive for employees the world over. We can all relate to the problem of having to recreate a document that already existed because we couldn’t find it, but it’s surprising to note that this remains an issue for over 8 of 10 people.

And is it any surprise that email is the repository of choice for documents, despite the fact that it is inherently horrible as a data repository? Look no further than this post: 1 Email Attachment = 31 Different Documents (and a Version-Control Nightmare).

It’s a mission of ours here at M-Files to change the way the world manages information and the good news is that, even though these challenges are ubiquitous, there are solutions available to help propel organizations into a more competent way of managing company information.

To download the entire report, click here: