M-Files Reporting

Gain insight and visibility into your business operations

Add M-Files Reporting to your document management or enterprise content management system to get insight and useful data related to your documents, business processes and other important company information.

M-Files Reporting makes it easy for you to view data, statistics and metrics associated with M-Files document vaults and related workflows and processes in easy to understand reports and dashboards – an important tool for analyzing business processes and supporting management decisions.

M-Files Reporting can improve your management decisions by providing business intelligence on important metrics related to sales processes, completed and in-process projects, the size and state of proposals, order volumes, employee training and certifications, compliance audit findings and deviations, and so much more.

M-Files Reporting utilizes the popular and powerful Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report generation system, providing a rich and production-proven backend capable of supporting a wide variety of reporting and business intelligence needs.

With M-Files Reporting, you get:

  • Graphic visualizations of M-Files object relationships.
  • Business reports highlighting facts and figures from stored data.
  • Analytical calculations for decision support.
  • Ability to display external content in M-Files, such as data from CRM and ERP systems. For example, you could show the latest sales and production figures, in addition to analyzing your document approval processes all in the same interface.

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