Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Manage documents directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

M-Files seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

M-Files for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Documents are integral components of any ERP and CRM system. With M-Files Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll see increased productivity and maximize your business's technology investment.

Improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity by organizing and managing business- and customer-related documents such as proposals, contracts, presentations, sales collateral and email correspondence directly from within the Dynamics interface.

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Manage customers and their documents – like never before

M-Files integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as Dynamics CRM on-premises installations, enabling users to easily tag (or attach) documents to Dynamics CRM objects such as accounts, leads, contacts and opportunities.

Once tagged, it's simple and fast to locate any important customer-related document directly from the Dynamics CRM user interface, or with M-Files Desktop and Mobile apps. M-Files lets you even to synchronize Dynamics CRM objects to offline mode in M-Files!

No complex setup

M-Files for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to set up and configure without requiring a major implementation project or a significant investment of time and IT resources.

All applications

You can save files from any application to M-Files and all file types are supported. M-Files also offers a neat integration with scanners and Microsoft Outlook.

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