Knowledge Management

Collaborate, reduce redundancy – and turn data into knowledge.

M-Files is your solution for knowledge management: fast, effective and useful for managing all kinds of documents and data.

Imagine what your organization would be like if data were managed seamlessly, content stayed up-to-date and staff collaborated across departments and teams.

The perfect choice for organizations that need to manage large amounts of internal knowledge, M-Files is a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates with other enterprise software.

Get true knowledge management, not just file storage:

  • Automated and metadata controlled access permissions
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Version management
  • Workflow and notifications
  • Fast offline use and remote/mobile access
  • Support for scanned paper documents and email
  • Web access available
  • Robust interface for connecting to external databases
  • Insightful Reporting extension available

And that’s just the start. Select a need to learn more about how M-Files can work for you:

Online & Offline Collaboration

Basic and advanced collaboration features, as well as formal workflow processes, make it easy to work together - with or without an internet connection. More »

Data Management

Folderless and flexible, M-Files fits your existing IT infrastructure – while simplifying backup and reducing file storage needs. More »

Content Management

Keep track of versions, check-ins and check-outs and edits with M-Files. More »


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