Contract Management Processes

M-Files is the easy solution for managing all kinds of documents – easily and electronically.

M-Files for contract management

Automate contract processes while controlling security access.

Manage your organization’s contracts the smart way with M-Files, the only complete document management solution that provides a true metadata-driven architecture, including secure metadata-driven access permissions and metadata-driven archiving. M-Files also supports automated review and approval processing, version control, notifications and alerts for key milestones and contract dates, as well as integrated support for paper contract scanning and OCR to create searchable PDFs.

Top Benefits for Contract Management

Increase productivity

Automate your contract authoring and approval processes and let M-Files remind you of expiring contracts well before the deadline. Ensuring that you renew contracts and agreements with your customers before your competitors can get their feet in the door can have a huge impact on your business.

Go paperless

Replace bulky filing cabinets and inefficient manual paper processes with automated scanning, tagging and workflow – giving your organization dramatic improvements in productivity.

Control access to your documents

M-Files gives you permission-based access by role and by metadata, so that access can be controlled on an individual basis or by groups such as "Visible Only to Management" or "Read-Only to Everyone, Editable by HR". And with support for Microsoft Active Directory, you can even use existing accounts and groups.

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