Case Study: NW Healthcare & Wellness Center

M-Files works in tandem with physician's MediSoft database to create an efficient, completely paper-free medical practice

EMR systems combined with M-Files document management delivers higher productivity

M-Files is a simple, but powerful document management solution that when combined with electronic medical records (EMR) systems allows medical facilities to place all paperwork – not just patient history, but insurance, financial, billing, and reference materials — in a digital environment that is instantly retrievable using the patient's name.

Read how NW Healthcare and Wellness Center implemented M-Files in combination with their EMR system, Medisoft to track all pieces of information relating to the practice resulting in immediate accessibility of documents, higher productivity and better quality of patient care.

Stephen Smith, Environmental Medicine Practitioner - Northwest Healthcare & Wellness Center

Stephen Smith

Environmental Medicine Practitioner | Northwest Healthcare & Wellness Center

"M-Files makes my office so much more efficient. I have all my records and handouts at my fingertips, which I can print off while the patient is sitting there."

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